Wednesday, November 2, 2016

VioDy Prime After Action Review

Violence Dynamics Prime 2016 was the largest seminar we have put on so far.
I also feel it was the best product we have ever provided.  I am very happy with how things went.  Having said that there were things I learned as an Instructor, a manager, and just as a person / friend that will make future endeavors even better.

In years past I have written lengthy after action reports.  Mostly to help me better process the information.  Secondly to showcase all the cool stuff someone might have missed if they didn't go to the seminar.  A type of advertising for the next year if you will.

If you are regular readers of the Budo Blog, you know my take on Violence Dynamics.  Also I am very close to it, so logic dictates that you take my opinion with a grain of salt.

So this year instead of sharing my post VioDy processing I am honored to be able to pass on two debriefs that some participants were kind enough to share with me.

The first one, I am allowed to share on the promise of anonymity.   So names have been redacted to protect privacy.
Plus it sound cool to say redacted like an intelligence agency.


Been slowly processing VioDy over the past week...of course, thank you for your excellent teaching and encouragement during the seminar! 

But beyond that, I especially appreciate how patiently and thoughtfully you've taught me over the past months. One of the best long-term things that came out of last year's VioDy was joining your regular classes (thanks to you and other instructors encouraging me to try that!) 

I'm still in the early stages of learning, but one great surprise at this year's VioDy was how much tangible progress I found in the 1-step drills. Despite my struggle to remember how to do particular techniques, somehow enough of the principles have seeped in that I can nonetheless be more effective than I'd realized, and I'm definitely FAR less disoriented and overwhelmed than last year--even when I'm learning without winning, lol, and even when dealing with grapplers. You made that happen. THANK YOU.

The second will not be anonymous, because I want to promote the source

To the best of my recollection I have never had a guest blogger on the Budo Blog.

So it is with great pride that I present the first post of a new blog from Mary Kogut  - Lifeing Realizations

Monday, October 31, 2016
Starting Over
   I can't believe that VioDy, (my reason for this blog), has ended over a week ago, or how life altering it was again, or, or..
   My life was a mess. For years. "Sucker," "doormat," "people pleaser,"... pick a noun or pick them all. A coward deathly afraid of confrontation, (or a voice raised a few decibels higher), I swayed in whichever direction I was pulled. Others benefited from this type of cowardice, even as I often felt  miserable. I had met: an individual that should've been jailed, one that had been, repeatedly, and a few "friends who weren't," among only a handful of people I thought were decent. Generally, people sickened me; I sickened myself. Over a decade and a half passed in nearly a blur, punctuated by too few wonderful memories interspersed throughout. 

   Violence Dynamics is an amazing seminar, whether or not one is new to self defense. My first time there last year, I was struck by this group's uniqueness.  And yet, amidst techniques being practiced, law and self defense being taught, and criminals being deconstructed, a different, consistent picture emerged of  the instructors and of  the entire group:

Kasey Keckeisen -  When Kasey asked for thoughts or opinions, he actually LISTENED to the responses he received.
Dillon Beyer- Dillon's  teaching and advice on how to "people" at work was invaluable.
Randy King- Randy is hilarious, and somehow removed the intensity of moments by making people laugh.
Rory Miller-  Rory offered the best large group support and kept you "in the game" emotionally.
Marc MacYoung- Marc offered the best behind the scenes support and can essentially explain.. you to you.
The entire group-  Everyone was knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. There was something to learn from every person in the room.

What became obvious was the fact that these people all CARED. They showed more kindness to me, a stranger, than I received from some individuals within my own, inner circle.

   Returning to VioDy this year allowed me to strengthen previously formed bonds, meet more people, and experience the same, non judgmental kindness from some of the most wonderful I had the honor of meeting.
   Through this blog, I intend to document what I learned from, or because of, these amazing people...

Wow, for once the very loud guy is speechless.  I have nothing to add..
Who am I kidding it's my blog of course I have something to say about it.

Seeing things like this is a bold reminder that all the effort put into making these seminars happen is totally worth it

"We make strong people" - Looks good on a poster or a business card.  The truth is when we are at our best we simply remind people they were always strong and help them realize they can become even stronger.

Violence Dynamics will return this spring in the Washington D.C. area.  Stay tuned for details.

Train hard, Train smart, Be safe.