Monday, September 25, 2017

Violence Dynamics 2017 (FAQ)

I have received several questions about the upcoming Violence Dynamics seminar, so I decided to post a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) blog.

The Mermaid Convention Center 2200 Mounds View Blvd - Bay Ballroom.
The majority of the training will be at the world famous Mermaid.  For the last few years we have been in the Atlantis Ballroom downstairs.  This year we will be back on the main floor in the Bay Ballroom.

Some of you may remember Marc MacYoung was presenting an edged weapons class and describing in vibrant detail the biological  process and resulting viscera of stopping a threat using an edged the same time Carol the even director at the Mermaid was trying to encourage a young couple to use the room for their wedding.  Well, that is the Bay Ballroom, and that is where we will be this year.

Mounds View Community Center 5395 Edgewood Dr
Saturday's classes will be held at the Mounds View Community Center.  It is only a few block walk from The Mermaid
Some classes will be in the Spruce Studio (home of the Keishoukan Dojo Mounds View).  We are expecting a large turn out, so space will be at a premium.  Please leave your bags in your vehicles.  Also there is a locker room you can secure your belongings in, or the storage closets.  That way we can maximize floor space and mitigate potential trip hazards.
Other, more academic classes will be in the Cedar classroom

Thursday 10/19/2017 (Day 1)

Time     Class                                                 Instructor                     Location

0900     Daily Brief                                        Keckeisen                    Mermaid - Bay Ballroom
0930     Introduction to the drills                   Keckeisen                    Mermaid - Bay Ballroom
1040     Context of Violence                          King                             Mermaid - Bay Ballroom
1150     Structure and Power Generation       Yard - McCracken       Mermaid - Bay Ballroom
1400     Targeting and Effect                          Trahan                         Mermaid - Bay Ballroom
1510     Violence Dynamics                           Miller                           Mermaid - Bay Ballroom  
1620     Counter Assault                                 King                             Mermaid - Bay Ballroom

Friday 10/20/2017 (Day 2)

Time     Class                                                 Instructor                     Location

0900     Daily Brief                                        Keckeisen                    Mermaid - Bay Ballroom
0930     Conflict Communications                 Yard - McCracken       Mermaid - Bay Ballroom
1400     Logic of Takedowns                          Keckeisen                    Mermaid - Bay Ballroom
1510     Pre-attack cues                                   King                            Mermaid - Bay Ballroom  
1620     Edged Weapons                                 Trahan                         Mermaid - Bay Ballroom
1800     Creepology                                        Valdiserri                     Mermaid - Bay Ballroom

Saturday 10/21/2017 (Day 3)

Time     Class                                                 Instructor                     Location

0800     Chasing Excellence                          Cossitt                          MVCC Cedar Classroom
0900     Daily Brief                                        Keckeisen                    MVCC Spruce Studio
0930     Plastic Mind                                      Miller                          MVCC Spruce Studio
1040     Force Law                                         Trahan                         MVCC Cedar Classroom
1150     High End Use of Force                     Keckeisen                    MVCC Spruce Studio
1400     Ground Movement                            Miller                          MVCC Spruce Studio
1510     High Speed Problem Solving            Keckeisen                   MVCC Cedar Classroom
1620     Environmental Fighting                    Yard - McCracken       MVCC

Sunday 10/22/2017 (Day 4 Evaluation / Qualification)

Time     Class                                                 Instructor                     Location

0900     Daily Brief                                        Keckeisen                    Mermaid - Bay Ballroom
0930     Travel to training location
1000     Advanced People Watching              All
1700     Goodbye Dinner

For my OCD friends I am sorry that was all lined up when I typed it but it goes crooked when I post it.  A printed, correctly lined up version of the schedule will be available at class, and posted on teh wall.

Less stress seminar advice:

In order to make your experience as rewarding and memorable as possible we have included this Violence Dynamics “Less Stress Seminars” guide.

Every morning with start with a safety brief and break down of the day’s training objectives and time line.

We will have new and different people every day, therefore every day will have an intro portion. Student introductions – you will be asked your name, where you are from, and a different question of the day.  Questions of the day could include what do you want to get out of this training, what was your favorite thing about yesterday, etc.
Drill introduction – The basics of the one step and other commonly used drills will be reviewed every morning to ensure that everyone can safely and successfully participate in the day’s training.

These daily briefs will contain multiple redundant safety protocols.  You will check yourself, you will check the person to the right and left of you, and a safety officer will conduct a final check.

It will be said many times in the seminar that violence happens: Closer-Faster –Harder –Quicker than most training accounts for.  Besides ensuring that the training area is clear and no participants have anything on them that could hurt themselves or others, this is also a method to help people become more comfortable with close contact.

One of the most outstanding elements of this program is that it is a safe place to practice dangerous things, both physically and emotionally.  Close contact, physical engagement, violent situations may cause injury, may become emotionally overwhelming, or trigger memories of traumatic events.  That may sound scary, but also has the greatest potential for personal growth.  If you experience any of those things, you are responsible for you.  Meaning it does you no good, and is probably the last thing you want, to have 30 students all come up and ask you what is wrong?, how are you doing?  If you need to leave, leave that is fine.  Do what you need to do to take care of yourself.

Cabot Welchlin will be the overall safety officer in charge (SOIC).  The SOIC will check you to make sure you do not have a physical injury or condition that requires medical treatment.  It does us no good if you go off and have a coronary incident because you were embarrassed  to seek help.  After that brief check you will are responsible to take care of yourself.  Feel free to rejoin class whenever you are ready.

There will be many people taking pictures.  If you do not want to be photographed that is fine.  It will be noted and we will do our best to keep you out of pictures.  However, it is your responsibility to move to the back of the group and away from Instructors to help insure that you are not photographed.

Lunch menus will be provided at the first break so food can be ready and waiting for us at lunch.  If wish to bring your own food, the training area will be kept secure and you can eat there.  On Friday 10/20/2017 the Creepology will be a working dinner.  Dinner menus will be made available.  Also Saturday 10/21/2017 Chasing excellence is a working breakfast.  Take out menus from RJ's will be available on Friday (or feel free to bring your own breakfast, or go hungry - I'm not your dad)

If you are staying at The Mermaid and do not have your own vehicle, you will need to make arrangements for transportation to the advanced people watching class on Sunday and various social activities that will be happening after classes.  I'd suggest making friends with some one with a car fast (just like sophomore year).  We will discuss "loan sharking" in depth in Conflict Communications.  However, for now just know that rides are more easily obtained through the generous gifting of alcohol, tobacco, and baked goods.

Shane "Fat Knees" Murphy (Lucky Charms) will be in charge of logistics.  If you have any questions about the schedule, accommodations, social activities, basically any questions not directly related to class content please direct them to him.

Also if you encounter anything offensive, unsafe, or that just doesn’t feel right, please notify Shane so the issues can be addressed immediately.  Violence Dynamics reserves the right to remove any student from further participation without refund.

The following are a few general seminar guidelines to help make your experience more enjoyable.

1) Be a little early. This gives you time to get orientated and complete any necessary paperwork/payments.

2) Be punctual for all other timings given, especially breaks. You don't want to wait for the instructor. The instructor and other students do not want to wait for you.

3) Be clean. Bring fresh clothes for each day, especially if it is a multi-day seminar.
Wear lose comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty or torn.  Bring extra clothes each day.  On Friday for the High End Use Of Force class be sure to bring a thick durable top like a Judo Gi Jacket, BDU blouse, or hooded sweat shirt.

4) For sensitive or personal questions consider waiting for a break or when the instructor is alone before asking.
There will be time set aside for Instructor interaction and one on one questions.

5) Combined with 4. THINK about the suitability of your questions. If unsure begin your question with 'Is it OK if I ask about..... Some instructors are happy to talk about profound subject (e.g. Killing. MOST are not...)

6) ASK before taking photos/video footage, unless this is clearly covered in the opening brief.

7) Keep the questions relevant to the discussed subject.

8) Realize that this is a learning event for everyone, attendees and instructors alike. Be patient, try, and be there for the right reason.

9) If you're confused about etiquette it's ok to ask a more experienced person.

10) If you don't want to participate in a particular activity it's fine to sit it out and observe, as long as you don't disrupt the class.

11) Don't think you know more than everyone else in the room, or persistently question the instructor's techniques comparing them to something else you saw in another seminar.

12) Be responsible for your own safety and welfare.

Finally, where appropriate, specific guidance should be given on the carry, use and handling of weapons (and training weapons) Ensure students are aware of the ‘Weapon Rules’.
-Look but don't touch.
-Don't handle without the owner's explicit permission.
-Don't draw a blade without telling people that you are drawing.

I hope that answers all your questions, and I hope to see you soon
Train hard, Train smart, Be safe