Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Practical Adaption part 2 (The Empire Strikes Back)

Ok, so you’ve read the post about counter ambush.  You took what you know and adapted it for real world violence (faster, closer, harder, and by surprise).  You’ve tested it out with training buddies and now you have a few simple conditioned responses.  So now what? 
Now you need to end the violence quickly.  The longer a violent confrontation goes on the more your chances for survival diminish.  Not only are you taking damage from the threat but your own ability do respond degrades as the confrontation is prolonged.  10-15 seconds into the confrontation your physical abilities have decreased by 10%. 30 seconds into it, you are down to 55% of your capacities. In 60 seconds, you only have 35% of your left.  So…GET IN SHAPE!!!  Train so that your capability at 35% is better than most at 100%.  I also suggest you read Marc MacYoung’s “Ending Violence Quickly”. 

Just remember it ends in THREE.  Not three techniques, but three motions.  Again real world violence is faster, CLOSER, harder, and by surprise.  Add to that, in order to end the fight in three motions (or less) you are going to have to get in close.  You simply cannot end a confrontation quickly at distance.

Let’s take a look how the golden move and over in three work together
(blogger’s note the golden move is the intellectual property of Rory Miller stolen and quoted often with his approval)

1 – Counter Ambush or Torite (preemption)
            Improves your position (move dumb dumb), Protects you from damage
2- Kuzushi (unbalance) – This is where you take what ever was “gifted” from step one and destroy the threat's structure (ability to deliver force into you)
            Worsens the threat’s position
3 – End the conflict
            Inflict damage

When you adapt what you know to work against real world violence these are the “building codes” your techniques must meet.

If your training is primarily tournament sparring (at a distance) you need to take what you know and find techniques that can deliver force into the threat at close range.  Effectively ending a violent conflict quickly

For help in doing that check out:

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