Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is (insert system) good for self defense?

I am paraphrasing this from Marc, if you want to read his more indepth version check out

We were discussing an opportunity I have to do some cross training in Krav Maga.  From the link above I would like to share this information with the people who read my blog. 

I too am often asked what my opinion is on this art or that defensive tactics system.  Marc sums up a very complicated question with this answer:

IF you're talking about using Krav (any system)for personal safety then -- like ANY system -- a huge factor of its effectiveness is WHO is teaching it to you.

  • First CAN that person do effective movement?
  • Second can he teach it to you?
  • Third, does this person understand the realities AND the consequences of violence? Or is it "this is what I heard from my teacher?"

I don't give a shit, what the 'system' or 'art' is supposed to be. If the person can't (or isn't) doing those three things, you're not only wasting your time and money, but dangerously so.

As Rory said "It's easier to instill confidence than competence." And you can have all the confidence in the world, until the shit hits the fan, and then you'd better be able to actually do something to Git R Done.

If all you are ever going is use it for getting into shape, break into a sweat and vent frustrations, then what I just said doesn't matter.
Any Krav school - any dojo - will do. (Well, as long as proper safety measures are taken).

If you're going to be staking your life on it working in a violent situation AND if want to keep your ass out of county jail, then you'd DAMNED well better -- and this goes for ANY martial art, training system or weapon -- make sure the person who's teaching knows WTF he's talking about!

Train hard - Train smart - be safe