Monday, May 16, 2011

The Twilight Zone or Southern Fried Monkey Dance

In polite society it is generally frowned upon to resort to violence because someone is being a douche bag.  However, you may find yourself in a different society with different rules.  A society where being a douche just might get you shot.

After typing that I thought I sounded like Rod Serling hosting “The Twilight Zone”
That might help make my point after the story so hell, lets go with that. 

[Rod Serling Voice] – For your entertainment this evening I present a story of a man who had to prove his point.  He felt the need to teach another “gentleman” a lesson and establish his dominance.  However this man was about to learn that not everyone is gentle in the twilight zone…..

[Music] – Doodle do

Man Shot After Manners Scolding

ATLANTA -- A Douglasville man said he was shot after trying to give another man a lesson on manners. Police are still looking for the shooter.

Jay Rodgers and his family were on their way home from a Tim McGraw concert last month when they stopped at an Atlanta Shell station so his niece could use the bathroom.

He said he felt insulted after a man he encountered ignored a polite gesture.
“I opened up the door for a gentleman. He walked in, and I quietly said, ‘Why don’t you say thank you for holding the door open?’”

When the man didn’t respond, Rodgers said he followed him outside and asked him to say "thank you" again, but the man kept quiet.

“He went to his car, put whatever he purchased inside it, and he pulled out a gun and shot me from about 15 to 16 feet away from me,” Rodgers said. "I passed out in my wife's arms."

Rodgers lifted his shirt to show Philips the large bandage that now covers his stomach. He said the bullet went through his intestine, nearly hitting his spine. He was hospitalized for nine days.

“I'm lucky to even be walking,” Rodgers said.
He said his family has had a hard time while his injury keeps him from working for three months. He said his children are also scarred by the shooting. On Thursday, Rodgers made a plea on the Channel 2 Action News Nightbeat for the shooter to come forward.
“I’m mad, but if you’re watching this, do the right thing and turn yourself in,” he said.
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Here is the link if you would like to see the interview (and so I don’t violate any copyright laws)

Rodgers was visiting the major metropolitan area of Atlanta for a concert.  Let’s call the big city foreign territory.  Anytime you enter foreign territory you need to learn the environment.

Guess what kids, the white, upper-middle class suburban rules you are accustomed to may be totally invalid in a new place.

So, shut your mouth and open your eyes.  Learn how things are done around here.  Don’t bring attention to yourself.

In foreign territory if you have kept a low profile, learned the rules and still find yourself in a sticky situation - Pick your battles.

The more dangerous you actually are the less you should feel the need to prove it. 

Any confrontation has the potential to become violent. 
All violence has the potential to become lethal. 

So ask yourself is this confrontation worth killing or dying for?

Is teaching someone your version of manners worth getting shot for?

How many times have I said swallow your pride and walk away.  If he follows you that is a potential indicator of a higher level of violence (asocial / predatory).  That helps make your case for self defense and REASONABLE use of force is justified.

Maybe, just maybe in Atlanta demanding that someone thank you is a good way to start a fight.  See also “What you lookin at?”.  Ignoring the question gives them no hooks to seize upon.  If you avoided a verbal confrontation, and they follow they are going to do very bad things to you.

Let me be clear that I am not suggesting the Mr. Rodgers deserved to be shot.

I am saying that if you find yourself in foreign territory, and you haven’t taken any time to learn how things are done there, don’t call attention to your self. 

If you ignore that advice and decide that you need to establish your dominance over someone don’t be surprised if the response is different than you are accustomed to in “The Twilight Zone”

Train Hard, Train Smart, Be safe

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