Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Quit yer bitchin'

In the past I've bitched about how little training Law Enforcement receives.

I've also bitched about the martial artists and combative sports athletes with no practical field experience teaching Law Enforcement and Military Close Quarters Combatives.

So, it's time to quit bitching and do something about it.

Taiho Jutsu Minnesota

To all Defensive Tactics Instructors / Training Coordinators,

Taiho Jutsu Minnesota is a network of police officers and defensive tactics instructors across the state

Tai: Body - Ho: Law or Control - Jutsu: Technique. Simply defined, Taiho Jutsu means control and restraining techniques.

Taiho Jutsu Clubs provide additional training for Police Officers supplemental to their official training. This is an excellent opportunity for Officers who want more than 8 hours of defensive tactics training a year

This training is also designed as Instructor development. Giving trainers an opportunity to brainstorm with and learn from other Instructors.

This training will be made available to active duty military personal and combatives instructors
This training will also be available to civilian martial artists that pass back ground screening and who are willing to teach local Law Enforcement in their area.

There are many martial art instructors teaching many different martial arts to Law Enforcement. Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of those instructors have never worked in Law Enforcement, tried to control a resisting opponent, or been in a fight. Also there are many Officers teaching defensive tactics with no training beyond the minimum 40 hour train the trainer course.

Taiho Jutsu Clubs are run by experienced Police Officers and Operators who use these techniques in the field. 

Training by Professionals, based on real world experience, designed for practical application.  For cops by cops to deal with actual problems cops face.

The training focuses on gross motor, high percentage techniques that are effective for all regardless of size or gender and has an emphasis on ground control, an area where most Law Enforcement Officers need serious additional training.

An individual can test the efficacy of any combat method (martial art) by asking himself this simple question “Will this work so I can use it instinctively in vital combat against an opponent who is determined to prevent me from doing so, and is striving eliminate me through means fair or foul?” - Paraphrased from Col. Rex Applegate’s “Kill or be killed” written in 1943:

Taiho Jutsu Clubs provide reputable schools teaching principles that have been tested over 30 years on the street to work for the officer under pressure against a resisting subject, to be non obtrusive to the public, and defendable in court.

Taiho Jutsu Minnesota meets once a month at rotating locations across the state


January              St. Paul                 Contact Control

February           Mankato               Take Downs

March                St. Paul                  Counter Assault

April                   Alexandria             Weapon Retention SOTA – Special Operations Control Tactics

May                   St. Paul                    Impact Control

June                  Mankato                 Ground Skills

July                   St. Paul                    Contact Control

August             Alexandria               Take Downs

September      St. Paul                    Counter Assault    Violence Dynamics - Marc MacYoung , Rory Miller

October            Mankato                Weapon Retention

November       St. Paul                   Impact Control

December      Alexandria               Ground Skills                O3CT Instructor School – Steve Jimerfield

Our first meeting will be January 14th at 2210 Silver Lake Road New Brighton MN. The exact dates and times for other training are to be determined.

Training sessions will run 3 hours and follow this basic format

Warm Up 30 Min

Training Topic of the month 60 Min

· Technique / Skill Building

Drills 30 Min

Brainstorming / Trouble Shooting 30 Min

For more information please contact :

· Officer Kasey Keckeisen Mounds View Police Department

o 763 717 4078 kasey.keckeisen@ci.mounds-view.mn.us

· Investigator Ken Anderson Douglas County Sheriff's Office

o 320-762-0234 ken.anderson@mail.co.douglas.mn.us

· Shawn Morgan

So any cops reading this in the upper mid west please come and join us.
Any civilian trainers that teach cops (whatever art / system) and want to learn what Operators need for their job please come join us

Train hard, train smart, be safe

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  1. Excellent ideas Kasey. Bring that stuff to California ! :)