Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Book Review - Campfire Tales from Hell

A while back I mentioned a book I helped with would be available soon.

Well, now it is available here:


This is the review I wrote for the book:

Real world violence, it is scary, and like many scary things it all too often becomes romanticized.

Because of this romantization, the field of dealing with violence becomes filled with "experts" that have never experienced it, but have developed strategies for dealing with what they fantasize violence is all about.

This book is fantastic because it cuts through all that nonsense and delivers quality information in an entertaining format

All of the authors have been faced with violence, lived through it, and came back to talk about it so others can learn the lessons they have paid dearly to learn.

The combined experience of the contributing authors is phenomenal!

This group ranges from survivors of mental / psych wards, and foreign prisons, to thugs and "reformed" criminals, to Corrections and Law Enforcement officers, to a PHD leading the field in PTSD research and treatment.

You won't find this kind of reliable first hand information anywhere else.

I am honored that I was allowed an opportunity to contribute one small part to this wealth of information.

Because of that I received an advanced copy. I have been reading and re-reading the other articles ever since.

I highly recommend you buy this book

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