Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Victory has defeated you

Been a long time since I rock and rolled.

I'm back, sorry for the delay

That is one of the things I will be writing about on this installment of the blog

Post Batman by 40 I have had ups and downs.  .
There is no stasis, no good enough.  There is only improving or deteriorating.
Victory had defeated me.  I grew complacent to some extent.
No longer.

I have learned a lot, I have access to experts, and thanks to Omar Ahmad I have a group that supports the effort and holds me accountable to a higher standard.

Now time for Beyond Batman.  Prepping for my 43rd birthday, my 25 year high school reunion, and re-firming the foundation of continued progress.

Steve Jimerfield often says you should be more fit when you retire than when you were hired.
Challenge accepted.

This point was driven home recently.  I responded to a lift assist.  80 something male had fallen and could not get back up.  When I entered his house I noticed several framed pictures of Karate competitions and various rank promotions.  My partner and I helped him up and waited for the ambulance. While we waited we talked about Karate and martial arts.  He spoke of all the things he used to do and how he missed them.  He wondered if he would need to move to a rest home because he can no longer get around.  I was polite and we had a pleasant conversation.  However, the whole time we were talking I couldn't help but thinking to myself, no fucking way.  I'm never going to allow myself to be this guy.

That call made me think of my Dad

That is him in the North-stars shirt

My Dad is older than that guy.  Everyday he is on the treadmill or lifting weights.  It has been that way since around '86.  His quality of life is exponentially better than the guy I helped.  Dad enjoys his life and is still capable of doing the things he digs (Hunting, Fishing, etc...).

After that lift assist I called my Dad to thank him for the example he has set for me and for my daughters.

I want to  be the guy that was on the mat practicing martial arts the day he died.  Not the guy stuck in a chair pinning for the days he used to do martial arts.

I want to be like these guys
Bronx Judo and Martial Arts

I hope that link works.  The video is posted on Facebook, not YouTube so there may be some technical difficulties.

If you can't see it, the video is of a 90 year old man in randori with a 75 year old man.

I figure the best way to be able to move then, is to never stop moving

Hence project  - Beyond Batman
What worked - best practices

  • Running 3 times per week

What can be improved

  • Incorporating compound movement, and kettle bell exercises along with suspension body weight exercises into my strength training.

  • Developing runs that better help me achieve my goals and timing them so that I hit them with fresh legs

  • Logistics - how do you make this work with you life / available equipment
  • Time Management

I challenged the group I mentioned earlier to list their goals, with a deadline and to list the steps necessary to achieve those goals.

Here are mine

18 month goals 43rd birthday / 25 year class reunion

205 lbs 
A) Because that is a light heavy weight in the UFC 
B) Putting in the work needed to achieve the Batman by 40 results got me down to 195, so my goal is to be that lean but have 10 more lbs of ass kicking muscle
C) I don't really care about that number as long as the performance objectives are accomplished.

40 Min 5 mile
6 min 1 mile
35 pull ups in one minute
65 push ups in one minute
70 sit ups in one minute
35 dips in one minute

Here is the 1st 12 weeks of my plan

Figuring out where I want to go
Setting a reasonable time to get there
Breaking the work down into manageable daily assignments
Increasing incrementally (boiling the frog) enjoying the progress, and the process with out burning out.

This method has served me well

Now time to apply it to other areas of my life, especially business.

After Violence Dynamics this year, it was the holidays, and I wanted a break.
I took the progress the school has made for granted, and fell behind the 8 ball.
Victory had defeated me
No longer.

This maybe secret, may be another cross over blog w/ Randy King, maybe part of Randy's book.
So, I won't get into a lot of detail here but Randy King has been helping me with business and marketing.
He has broken it down in a way my brain understands.

It takes prep time and and consistent work 5 or more days a week

Awesome, that is how I roll

Do you know why....

It might look familiar.

  • Figuring out where I want to go
  • Setting a reasonable time to get there
  • Breaking the work down into manageable daily assignments
  • Enjoying the progress, and the process with out burning out.

Plan the work, work the plan.  Keep grinding it out.  Small work everyday yields big results over time.

Easy to say.  Time to put up or shut up.

So - Accountability, no bullshit, this is the standard I will hold myself to, this is what you can expect from me.

New Budo Blogs weekly
New video content monthly
Here is a sample

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Writing assignments -
I owe:
Garry Smith
Loren Christensen
Kevin Keogh
Rory Miller
Each a writing project.  These will be delivered by the end of January.

With the help of many, but especially Anna Valdiserri my book will be done this year.

One book per year for the next 3 years.

Four traveling seminars a year.

I have planned the work, now it is time to work the plan.
Nothing to it but to do it.

Manageable daily assignments / tasks
Enjoying the progress, and the process with out burning out.

Thank you for your patience.
See you here next week.

Train hard, train smart, be safe
Keep moving

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