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Back in the saddle part 3

I left you with a cliff hanger.  Then I left you hanging for a long time.
I've had lots of adventures lately, but now I'm back and on track, so it is time to get the blog caught up.

Back in the saddle part 3 - The Journey Home (Sounds like an 80's sci fi flick right?)
Part 1 was being on the road again
Part 2 was being in a gi again
Part 3 is getting back to "normal"

If you recall from "Back in the saddle part 2" I ended with a social media post from my wife expressing the difficulties she was having with the perceived hatred of Law Enforcement she was experiencing on the news and in social media.

Her worries were not unfounded.

The now well known shooting of Philando Castile happened only 15 miles from my Police Department and in the County I work for.

That same night I read my wife's post I had two texts on my phone.  One from my PD asking for Officers to work patrol in St. Anthony so that the St. Anthony Officers that were receiving death threats could spend time with their families.

Another from the County telling me to be on standby to provide tactical support to the mobile field force in case of riots in St. Anthony

Instead of protesting the St. Anthony Police Department, (which would have been my responsibility) the protesters decided to to stage their rally on a portion of I 94. (Another department's responsibility).  Sadly an Officer from one of those other Departments was struck in the head by a cinder block and suffered a severe neck injury.

So my wife's fears are not unfounded.  There are people out there that hate cops.  People that want to hurt / kill cops not based on any particular misdeed that individual did, but simply because of their profession.

That is the new normal.

However, as scary as that seems.  As many news papers as that sells (do people still buy news papers?)  That hatred is a very small minority.  They just happen to get a lot of press.

The next morning before camp David Bleeker and I were discussing what has been happening and what I had waiting fro me when I got home (the title of this blog is making more sense now isn't it?) while we were waiting in line for coffee.

The guy behind us must have overheard us.  I am not known for the quietness of my voice, especially if I am passionate about what I am discussing.  He offered to buy our coffee.  We made it clear that was unnecessary.

The guy was adamant and insisted.  That is cool, thank you.

When I did go back to work, I went to my favorite breakfast place J.R. Riche's
RJ's is the best restaurant no one has ever heard of.  They are known for their generous portions. These pictures don't even really express how large these meals are.

Small Omelet 

Child's pancake

If you ever find yourself around Mounds View you have to try this place.  Anyway back to the point. When I got home I wasn't able to buy a meal at RJ's for like two weeks.  In fact arguments broke out over who was going to pay for my meal for me.

So am I some slob living off the tragedy of others?  The point I want to make is yes, there are people out there that hate cops.  People that want to hurt / kill cops not based on any particular misdeed that individual did, but simply because of their profession.

However, That hatred is a very small minority.  They just happen to get a lot of press.  There won't be news articles on folks that go out of their way to make Law Enforcement know that they are appreciated.  The people that come up and shake our hands or hold signs on the corner that read honk if you support the police.  Most likely you will never see these people, but they vastly outnumber those that just want to watch the world burn.

Despite the narrative being pushed by the media,  folks have been very supportive.

The last day of camp I worked on some high end use of force options and a basic understanding of Violence Dynamics.  The difference between social and asocial violence.

We discussed "othering" and how professionals other by behavior.  Criminals (assholes) other by race, creed, color, religion, sexual preference, Pokemon team, profession.

It is easy to hate a generalization, it is easy to hate a stereotype (othering) it is hard to hate Larry the guy I see every day at the Coffee shop.

Now more than ever we need to increase positive regular / every day interactions with Law Enforcement.

At the same time Cops need more and better training.  Greater hiring standards.  Higher fitness standards.

This is all happening at a time when no one wants to become a Police Officer anymore.  Who in their right mind would?  You can click the link below for an in depth article on that.
Post Policing Era in America

So what?  Is there nothing that can be done?  Is this entire blog Kasey being a cry baby?

C'mon guys it's me

For the last 8 months I've been working on a project to increase positive regular / every day interactions between civilians and Law Enforcement.  Increase the amount and quality of training Law Enforcement receives.  Improve the physical fitness of Law Enforcement and American youth, and encourage youth to become Law Enforcement Officers.


Control and Arrest Tactics, Captures and Holds (CATCH)

Mission Statement
CATCH is an objective defense tactics qualification process for Police Explorers and Law Enforcement.
The purpose of CATCH is to help build strong people by providing a safe, positive, and energetic environment for youth and adults to enjoy training in personal protection skills.  Fundamental control tactics skills are tested against resistive opponents using different competitions on a graduated scale of contact and resistance appropriate to age and experience level.

Police Explorers is a branch of The Boy Scouts of America for young men and women ages 14-21 that have an interest in Law Enforcement.

CATCH is a fun way for youth interested in Law Enforcement to learn personal protection skills, and be active through play.
Explorers train and compete against other troops in many different facets of law Enforcement. Explorers receive training in arrest procedures and defensive tactics but there is no competition system for these skills.

Although CATCH was originally developed for Police Explorers, it can also be used by any Law Enforcement training program to make sure Officers can apply fundamental skills under pressure.

In order to do this three criteria had to be met.

Traditionally every Military and Police Academy had boxing, wrestling and fencing clubs.  These clubs encouraged physical fitness, camaraderie, and to help develop useful skills.  The need these clubs fulfilled still exists, however there are very few, if any agencies currently providing opportunities to engage in healthy competition.   Any competition, regardless of the rule set, in which you stand alone against a restive opponent intent on defeating you, helps prepare you for self defense. There are many different combative competition systems out there.  All are good at what they are designed for.  There is no competition system designed specifically to meet the needs of Law Enforcement.  CATCH is designed to meet these needs.

Law Enforcement has never been under stricter scrutiny at any time in history.  Any competition system used to test fundamental skills under pressure has to be within departmental policy and non-obtrusive to the public.  At the same time providing officer safety and giving the officer maximum control without causing injury to the suspect or to the officer.
Skills tested have to work in the environment Officers will be in and be justified under state law, both proven to work in the field and stand up in court.

A competition system used as an objective defensive tactics qualification process must develop confidence in hand to hand confrontations both standing and on the ground.  Confidence developed by successfully applying these skills under pressure against a resistive opponent.

"An individual can test the efficacy of any combat method by asking himself this simple question “Will this work so I can use it instinctively in vital combat against an opponent who is determined to prevent me from doing so, and is striving eliminate me through means fair or foul?”
- Col. Rex Applegate “Kill or be killed”

No department is going to want to incorporate a system, or let their Officers go train in a method that lowers available manpower and increases workman’s compensation due to injuries.  No parent is going to allow their Explorer to participate in something likely to physically damage their child. Therefore,  a focus on injury free training is paramount.

No full contact sport can be made 100% injury free.  Part of the benefit of the competition is it provides a place to face your fears.  The reality is you might get hurt.  This rule set represents the safest way to accomplish force on force training in a manner that makes sense and provides the training effect, results, and life lessons we are trying to achieve.

Law Enforcement does not need to, nor should they practice dying.
Tapping prevents injury by submission.  However, "on the street" to Law Enforcement submission is death.  If a cop quits he or she dies.
A competition system used as an objective defensive tactics qualification process must incorporate the idiom - you win or you learn - directly into the rule set.  Ingraining a never give up attitude and inculcating when it is necessary to ramp up to higher levels of force in the most realistic way safely possible.

Close quarters physical contact, controlling a resistive opponent can be a scary thing.  CATCH accustoms participants to physical contact by providing different competitions on a graduated scale of contact and resistance appropriate to age and experience level.

There must also be buy in from the participants.  If training is fun, people will want to train.

“Generally speaking, if we look at sports we find that their strong point is that because they are competitive they are interesting, and young people are likely to be attracted to them. No matter how valuable the method of physical education, if it is not put into practice, it will serve no purpose — therein lies the advantage of sports…
Serious consideration must be given to the selection of the sport and the training method. Sports must not be undertaken carelessly, over-zealously, or without restraint. However, it is safe to say that competitive sports are a form of physical education that should be promoted with this advice in mind—to develop a sound body that is useful to you in your daily life “
- Jigoro Kano (Founder of Judo)

CATCH is a fun way to enhance any training program or Explorer Post.  The more fun Police Explorers is, the more people will participate.
The youth of the nation are woefully unprepared for the realities of life in general and more so in regards to violence.
The best way to counter act this trend is to engage them in positive activities when they are young enough to develop lifelong habits.

People that start training from 14-18 years old have a higher tendency to become lifelong martial artists.
Explorers my never go on to careers in Law Enforcement or the Military, however, their experience with CATCH can help to make the world safer by becoming hard targets.  Building stronger people

“By training you in attacks and defenses it refines your body and your soul… In this way you are able to perfect yourself and contribute something of value to the world. “
- Jigoro Kano (Founder of Judo)

“By educating one person and sending them into the society of his generation we make a contribution extending a hundred generations to come”
- Jigoro Kano (Founder of Judo)

I hope to host the 1st ever CATCH games Sunday February 26th 2017

It is easy to hate a generalization, it is easy to hate a stereotype (othering) it is hard to hate Larry the guy I see every day at Judo.

That is my big picture goal.  My way to make the world slightly less crazy

What can I do to set my wife's mind at ease?   Small picture stuff to be safer
Well, I’m in a tough spot.
There is Kasey Fucking Keckeisen the product.  The personal protection instructor.  The Judo guy who loves travelling the world rolling with cool people.  Who has to be well known and accessible so he can make money travelling the world rolling with cool people.
There is also Officer Kasey Keckeisen who doesn’t want anyone to know anything about him and has to be inaccessible to protect himself and his family.

So I have to separate those two guys meaning that there will be some changes to the Budo Blog and my social media presence.  Stay tuned.

I have been blessed with a family and community that is very supportive.  I thank you.  Know that I will do everything I can to maintain the highest standards and hold my brothers and sisters to the ideals we pledged to uphold with our oath of office.

On my honor,
I will never betray my badge,
my integrity, my character, 
or the public trust.
I will always have
the courage to hold myself
and others accountable for our actions.
I will always uphold the constitution
my community and the agency I serve.

I will do everything I can to keep myself and my family safe

I will leave you with this thought.

Train hard, train smart, be safe

The Budo Blog will return next week in “The King of the North”

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