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Violence Dynamics PRIME 2017

IN this blog I reference Violence Dynamics often.  If you have never experienced it, you may be curious to what exactly I'm talking about.

Violence Dynamics refers to two separate things. Rory Miller has been presenting a Violence Dynamics lecture for years. It's an important part  of the Intro to Violence seminar. So important we named the entire seminar after it (well that, and it sounds pretty cool).  Self-defense is about avoiding, mitigating and surviving violence, right? And managing any risk requires knowledge of that risk. Too many martial artists and self-defense enthusiasts have spent years or decades training for the dark day when they will have to deal with a bad guy, and yet have not spent one day studying bad guys. There are systems that will give you answers, yet have never studied the problem. Does that make any sense at all?

Of course not. Would you go to a doctor who had studied surgery and drugs but refused to study injury, disease or basic anatomy? Of course not.

The second is the Violence Dynamics series of seminars. In 2010, I  invited two authors, Marc MacYoung and Rory Miller, to teach a week-long seminar at the Keishoukan Dojo.

It was a blast, and a very unique synergy occurred.  Good Instructors provided better presentations working with and off of each other.  The result provided students with principles and concepts in a week long seminar, that usually take force professionals years (and scars) to comprehend.

That grew into VioDy*, an annual seminar held in Minnesota with spin-off seminars (so far) in Edmonton ABc Ashburn VA and Oakland CA.

Multiple days, multiple instructors. The cast has included the original three (Rory, Marc and myself) Randy King, Dillon Beyer, Rick Wilson, Myron Crossitt, Terry Trahan, Kathy Jackson, Ed Calderon, Tammy Yard-McCracken and the crew from Querencia Fitness.


Each one is a little different, depending on the instructors and what the students need. We also tend to run multiple tracks-- the instructors not on-deck teach advanced classes or semi-privates to the "OGs" or students who have attended multiple times.

These are the classes that we agree make up the core:

Introduction and Safety Briefing, paperwork as necessary.
Introduction to the drills                                      
Context of Violence Talk
Basic Power Generation
Counter Assault
Violence Dynamics
Leverage and Leverage Points
Conflict Communications
Force Law
Ground Movement
Environmental Fighting
Advanced People Watching

We have been doing this for nearly a decade now.  In that time we have worked very hard to refine the product.  Every class builds on the one before it and sets up the classes following it.  A Violence Dynamics Seminar may have more classes than listed above, but will always contain those core classes.

That makes each Violence Dynamics unique.  So much so that we have begun to develop a following of people that travel to the different VioDy host locations to experience the different variations.

The next VioDy is in Minneapolis MN Oct 19-22

Minnesota is the home base for VioDy. As you know I am a competitive guy, I always want to provide the best possible product.  I also try to learn from every experience.  So you know when we bring the show to my home town, I'm going to have some special surprises not available anywhere else.

This year, Instructors (everything is subject to change without notice) include:

Me obviously

Terry Trahan, who personifies combat as weasel-craft. The thinking man's bad ass.

Dr. Tammy Yard-McCracken, lead instructor at Kore Krav Maga, head of Krav Maga Global's women's division and experienced trauma counselor.

Randy King, head instructor at KPC Self-defense, and experienced doorman. Also Canadian, so you know he'll be very polite.

And a former jail guard who wrote some books.

Former jail guard. And cowboy.


Session                            Title                                    Time    
1.1              Introduction/ Safety Briefing                  0.5 hr      
1.2              Introduction to the drills                          1 hr
1.3              Context of Violence Talk                         1 hr  
1.4              Structure and Power Generation              1 hr
1.5              Targeting and Effects                               1 hr    
1.6              Violence Dynamics                                  1 hr
1.7              Counter-Assault                                       1 hr
1.8              Debriefing  

Session                           Title                                  Time    
2.1                Daily Brief                                          0.5hr      
2.2                Conflict Communication                    3.5hr  
2.3                 Logic of Takedowns                          1 hr    
2.4                 Pre-Attack Cues                                1 hr  
2.5                 Edged Weapons                                1.5 hrs
2.6                 Debriefing

Session                           Title                                 Time    
3.1                 Daily Brief                                        0.5hr      
3.2                 Plastic Mind                                      1hr    
3.3                 Force Law                                         1hr      
3.4                 High-End Force                                1hr
3.5                 Ground Movement                           1hr  
3.6                 High-Speed Problem Solving           1hr        
3.7                 Environmental Fighting                    1 hr
3.8                  Debriefing      

Session                           Title                                 Time    
4.1                 Daily Brief                                        0.5hr      
4.2                  Advanced People Watching             All Day


VioDy is a seminar, but it is also a tribe. Returning students are called OGs, and they get special recognition and privileges.

This all started informally to recognize the effort that returning students have put in and the growth they have made.  As the seminar grows, to keep organized and to continue to progress it has become necessary to formalize the process a bit.

At the end of your first full VioDy you get your ODIN codename.
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he doesn't exist.
The greatest trick I ever pulled was to convince grown ass folks to play GI. Joe with me

At the end of your second, you get your ODIN card and are officially an OG.

At the end of your third, well, some of you will find out in October...

OG privileges:
•     A discount. E-mail me with your ODIN codename and dates you attended and I'll send you the discounted PayPal link.

     •     Breakout sessions and private lessons. We have extra instructors. Most of the time one or two will be available. If you've already attended a class and would ike to go deeper or do something else completely, as an OG you can request a free private lesson.

(There will be a sign up sheet for the Instructors when they are available for private instruction)

     •     As an OG, you have access to Day Zero.

Traditionally, VioDy includes a special day for repeat students. The OGs. You know who you are.
In the past, one of the unique aspects of VioDy prime has been the opportunity to train with (against) the Ramsey County SWAT team.

This VioDy prime we will be working on both the handgun and rifle range with Cabot Welchlin of Chameleon Survival 

If you enjoyed Day 0 in DC, Cabot is the guy that me.  Most returning OG's will recognize Cabot

He has been our (SOIC) safety officer in charge, and providing training for the advanced people watching course for years now.

Tentative Schedule:
0700 - Meet at RJ's Breakfast
0800 - Drive to not publicly listed training location
0830 - Set Up (Divide OG's into two groups of 8 shooters)

16 shooters is the most we can have.  If you have never trained with Cabot before I suggest you take advantage of this opportunity.

0900 - Safety Brief - Nomenclature
1000 - Group A Handgun Range / Group B Riffle Range
1300 - Lunch (Brown bag or left overs from RJ's)
1400 - Group B Handgun Range / Group A Riffle Range
1700 - All OG Social Event.  Bonfire and BBQ at the Harm Farm.  Ramsey County SWAT will provide food.  All money raised will be to buy new helmets and communications for the tactical team

If you have no interest in firearms but would like to catch up with old friends returning for another VioDy please join us at the Harm Farm for this pre-seminar event.

Addendum Classes
Viody has a core curriculum, presented by a rotating group of core Instructors.
Viody Prime also has addendum classes.  These classes enhance the Viody experience, but is not directly related to to core curriculum.

For example, last year Randy King presented - Selling Out To Your Level Of Comfort.  A class about marketing your business, and promoting his book.

This year I am excited to offer two addendum classes

Friday evening working dinner featuring: Creepology - self-defence for your social life

Class Description:
To a lot of women, creeps are a serious, ubiquitous, pervasive problem. To a lot of men, creeps are like unicorns: they hear about them a lot but they never actually see one. This class aims to explain the nature of creeps, how and why they manage to infiltrate our social circles, and how we can best deal with them in a safe and timely manner

Taught By:

Anna Valdiserri

Saturday morning working breakfast: Life Dynamics - Chasing Excellence
Class Description:

No matter what you want in life, your chances of success are greatly increased if you clearly define your goals, devise a plan, asses your progress and adapt as necessary.

Taught By:

This is what Myron looked like when I first met him

This is what Myron looks like now

Myron actually has 9 abs like Batman, so as much as I love him I also kind of have to hate him

Myron Cossitt
Myron's is the poster-boy for the transformative power of training. He'll help you be better, and without all the injuries the rest of us have.

Myron is a owner / coach at Crossfit Movement Lab

He has been a CrossFit athlete for 4+ years and a CrossFit/strength and conditioning coach for 2+ years. His current training endeavours, in addition to CrossFit, are in self defense (through KPC Self Defense, an Edmonton area reality based self defense training facility), and parenting. Prior to coaching CrossFit full-time, Myron was a financial crisis counsellor for a not-for-profit agency, security logistics advisor, and personal banker.

Myron’s coaching is special for one very powerful reason – he cares. You can truly see that he does what he does to help others, this makes him a master communicator and amazing coach. He can find the way to communicate what you need to hear in the moment, be it for motivation, or conceptualizing new skills. His unyielding service to others causes him to constantly grow as a teacher, so that he can give it all back to the community.

Because of this outstanding line up, and training slots reserved for people that travel from state to state to attend, this seminar will sell out fast.

Sign up today.  Click HERE to sign up.

For local hotel information click HERE

Train hard, Train smart, Be safe

See you in October.

Winter is coming

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