Saturday, December 5, 2020

This is the way

 Hey everybody, it's been too long since the last Budo Blog.  May 23rd feels like years ago.  I had a nice roll going...then riots.  It's been a crazy couple of months.  However, excuses are like assholes, so instead of crying about the past, it is time to roll up my sleeves ands get back to it.

What has reawakened my passion?  Well, plenty.  Honestly, more than I am comfortable sharing with the general public.  However, recently I have come across a mantra that has helped me focus on what I can control, and place what can't be controlled out of my way.

Train - Lift - Shoot - This is the way.

That phrase really resonated with me.  I train, I lift, I shoot, I am a huge nerd so you know I am down with the Mandalorian.  I also really like this group that sells stuff for you to train, lift, and shoot in.

Train Lift Shoot Facebook Link


Train Lift Shoot isn’t just a product. It's a Way of Life. This is The Way.  

That phrase served as a reminder.  A kind of gut check I guess.  Am I following the way?  Is what I am doing right now the way?  And if not, what the fuck am I doing?

Yeah...I'm thinking I'm back

You may be thinking  - Cool, you are back -  whoopty fucking doo!  What have you been doing since May?

Great question, let's break it down into Train - Lift - Shoot.

It has been near 7 months so this will be a couple of blogs.  Why don't we start with shoot


In these times of turmoil I took time to reflect. I thought to myself... 

My skills and training are worthless if I don't carry the tools necessary to be useful in a crisis on me.  So I have taken a much more serious approach to my everyday carry. (More on that in future blogs) 

Covid shut most SWAT training down
Covid shut most patrol training down.

 Focus on what I can control, and place what can't be controlled out of my way.

I shot on my own at the lake.  I shot on my own at the harm farm during Violence Dynamics.  I was very fortunate to have those opportunities.  However opportunities like that don't come along often enough to maintain tactical proficiency.

So, I've been doing a lot of dry firing.  Like a lot, a lot.

If you are interested in seeing what I have been doing, or better yet would like to train with me, a unique opportunity is available starting 12/7/20

Form to Flow is a group of folks on Facebook.  All are someway involved in physical culture.  All, like me are making due with what they can during the time of Covid.  The group started off as a platform to share ways to make solo practice more interesting, but has since evolved a bit. 

The format works like this -

I will be presenting information all week from Monday through Sunday.

Sunday, is a Zoom meeting with Q and A and solo exercises

Here is the outline of what I plan on presenting:

Monday 12/7/20

Intro Document (Who is Kasey, why should I listen to him?)


  • How Firearms function
    • Semi Auto
    • Revolver
  • How to determine your dominant eye

Tuesday 12/8//20

Stance - Movement to stance

Connect to counter assault




Clearing clothing

Connect to threat assessment  - face it, name it (loop to Rory Miller’s intuition training)

Wednesday 12/9/20

Meta Reps  movement into stance 

  • Add forced inhale connect to breaking the freeze
  • Add beginning of one hand alignment 
    • Use resistance of retention to set up structure
    • Radial Bone alignment

Clear leather - (link to Jelly)

  • CQC

Transition to aimed shooting - connect to hikite - Karate

Plant seed for sight picture - threat in sharp focus can’t fight nature

Thursday 12/10/20

Meta reps on movement to stance & one hand alignment 

  • Add marrying up 2nd hand
    • 80/20

Friday 12/11/20

Meta reps on everything we have done so far

  • Add breathing
    • Incorporate breathing in 360’ scan
  • Add securing the weapon
  • Add self check

Saturday 12/12/20

Meta reps on everything we have done so far

  • Add trigger press
    • Two points of reference for finger
    • Trigger pin - why it is safe
    • Trigger reset

Sunday 12/13/20 11- 1230

Zoom Meeting - Basic Dry Fire Drills - Putting it all together

Anyone interested in joining PM me for details.

Train hard, train smart, be safe

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