Tuesday, November 22, 2011

“Knife fighting”

Ripped from the headlines…

St. Paul man stabs wife in eyes, kills another man

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- A father of five who suspected his wife was cheating on him was charged Monday with killing one man and stabbing his wife in the eyes.

Pah Ber, a 48-year-old man from St. Paul, faces charges in Ramsey County of murder in the second degree and attempted murder in the second degree.
The incident happened early Saturday morning at an apartment building in the 1400 block of
Farrington Street
in St. Paul. When officers arrived they found 40-year-old Po Lye dead from a deep cut to his neck.

Police then found Ber's wife, Paw Pree, on the floor of the living room with stab wounds to numerous parts of her body, including both of her eyes. Pree was taken to Regions Hospital where the staff determined she is now blind as a result of the wounds.

According to the criminal complaint, Ber's 21-year-old son said Lye was a friend of his who had asked to stay overnight. The son told investigators that when his father came home he began accusing his wife of cheating on him with other men. Ber allegedly asked if she was going to "love that guy" referring to Lye.

The son said that Ber grabbed a knife and chased Lye around the apartment, eventually stabbing him and cutting his throat. The son ran to his sister's bedroom and told her to call 911. He and his sister then fled to a neighbor's apartment.

Police interviewed Paw Pree at the hospital. Pree said that she fled into her bedroom after Ber stabbed Lye. She told authorities that Ber broke the door down and stabbed her numerous times, including several times in her eyes. Pree then heard Ber in the kitchen sharpening the knife, stating he was going to cut her throat. The complaint states that Pree's youngest son grabbed her hand and led her out of the apartment.

Ber was interviewed by officers following his arrest. He told police that he had been drinking and playing cards before he went home at 6:00 a.m. Ber said that he saw Lye and believed he was the man who had been with his wife.

Ber stated Lye had one time suggested they both sleep with Pree at the same time. When asked if he wanted to kill Lye, Ber responded "yes." Ber said he then stabbed his wife who was with his little daughter in bed.

According to the complaint, Ber told police that "it is better" that Lye is dead because he had been getting teased about his wife cheating on him.
"We are very disturbed by the violent nature of this crime," said County Attorney John Choi.
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What can we learn form this?
Lots of violence dynamics stuff going on here.
Pah was so concerned about his status in the group he was willing to kill for it. 
He was cool having a 3 way with the victims not too long ago, but after a night of taking shit from his drinking buddies, he sees dude on the couch and goes ape shit.

First let me get this rant off my chest.
There is soooo much bullshit out there under the title knife fighting.
Most of it will get you killed, the rest will put you in jail.

I vowed never to post videos or links of bullshit and then comment how bad it is.  To me that is chicken shit.  If you don’t like it, be brave enough to post yourself doing better.

So here I will share some of the best knife defenses I’ve ever learned

1) Don’t join a violent criminal organization
2) If you do, DO NOT betray the above mentioned criminal organization
3) Don’t fuck other people’s wives

If you follow these 3 simple rules it is very unlikely you will ever face an edged weapon attack.

I think this case falls directly into #3.  Different culture, different rules but when I was 21 I didn’t have any 40 something friends.  And we sure as shit weren’t having sleepovers at my mommy’s house.

If you follow those 3 rules where else could you see edged weapons violence?

A process predator.

This is where I give you the totally kick ass secret Commando technique I learned to disarm a mugger.
Most resource predatory violence can be defeated by giving them what they want.
  • Wallet
  • Car Keys
  • IPod
Anything that can be replaced, any thing not worth dying for simply give them.
Professional criminals know the law better than most self defense instructors.  They want cash, scaring you with a weapon gets the cash.  Hurting you, especially with a weapon caries much stiffer charges.  Criminals aren’t dumb but they are lazy the easiest path to the cash is the one they will take.

What is worth dying for?
  • Your life
  • Your well being
    • Not being raped
    • Not being maimed

A process predator, someone who enjoys the process of hurting others may use an edged weapon too.  Like a resource predator they will show the knife to gain compliance.  Usually to get you someplace secure so the can do horrible things in private.

So what is the totally kick ass secret Commando technique I learned for this situation?

If they want privacy – get attention!  Yell, scream, run to safety. 

Where is safety? 
A crowd of people.
Do what ever you have to do to get lots of people’s attention and hopefully help.

That will serve you better than any specific H2H CQB technique I could suggest.

Who is H2H CQB designed for?
Young, fit, athletic, men.

If you follow the 1st 3 rules, who is least likely to fit the victim profile of a predator (either resource or process)?
Young, fit, athletic, men.

So unless you are actually a commando you are “reality based” training for something that doesn’t happen in reality

If you want to practice knife vs. knife dueling that’s fine.  It can be very fun.  But don’t delude yourself into thinking that is how knife attacks happen. 

As reality based and commando as most “knifers” claim to be, Kendo guys have a just as good a chance of getting into a sword fight as knife duelers do of
deploying their deadly skills on the street. (Unless they are actively looking to start fights)

Don’t use knives vs. social violence.
Social violence is the easiest to avoid, your little monkey might be screaming that you look like a bitch, but leaving solves the problem.  If they follow they have made your case for justified use of force.

If you pull a knife in social violence you better be prepared to use it.  Are you going to use lethal force against a guy that shoved you in a bar?  I hope your knife skills will protect you from being ass raped in prison the rest of your life.

So let’s end this blog / rant on a positive note.  I am not a hypocrite.  I carry an edged weapon with me everywhere I go.  If you want to learn how to use a knife find an instructor:
  • That has used a knife against an aggressive attacker in the world
  • That has defended themselves against aggressive attacker that had a knife
  • Understands (and can teach) force law and the judicial use of deadly force

Sadly there are maybe 5 guys in the world that fit those criteria.  It is worth your time to seek them out.

Train hard, Train smart, Be safe.


  1. And you are one of those 5 guys.

    A-M-E-N !!!! This is a subject that always makes me roll my eyes. What is mostly being taught as knife defense out there is in reality a knife attack aka assault with a deadly weapon or murder. If you need this knife to save your life kudos use it but what they teach is to pull out a knife instead of withdrawing from a dangerous situation... hence the "fighting". When the word fighting is involved, it stops being self defense

  2. Test response. Let's see if I can respond to my posts with my phone

  3. Thank you for your practical, no nonsense, approach to this subject. As with all things martial arts, you must understand the conditions you train for and in what context you are training in.