Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hey everybody, your friendly neighborhood Samurai Super Cop is back and blogging.
It’s been a while so I thought I’d get caught up


No you don’t have dyslexia

Last week I taught Special Operations Control Tactics to the South Central Drug Investigate Unit Tactical Team.

The class went exceptionally well.  As you know I’m not shy about my awesomeness (or attractiveness).  But there came a point in the class where I had to ask Cabot (oh, yeah the old man and Lise helped), “Dude we have taught teams across the state, are these guys just that good? or are we just that much better at teaching?” 

I of course naturally assumed it was the latter but Cabot and I agreed that is was likely a combination of both factors.

All in all a great day.  Everyone was willing to listen to the information, worked hard, and asked good questions.

Good feed back after training as well.  Seasoned Operators experienced these difficulties before, but never received training on how to deal with it. 

They were very excited about it and working on ways to incorporate SOCT into their regular training

It was an excellent learning opportunity for me to see how these control tactics worked with slower more methodical operational tactics. 

They worked very well.  Mostly because of KISS.  When you keep things simple and principle based you can apply those principles to any operational tactic.  Train for what happens most and you can handle most of what happens.

"Being what people call an 'elite' or 'high-speed' operator is simply mastery of the basics while adapting and applying them to the current situation which ensures success."

Here are some pictures that look cool but don’t violate operational security

People ask me what ever happened to the super soldier project.

It continues to be field tested, and it is showing results. 

I am proud to announce that I was 1 of only 5 (out of 30) others who scored the maximum possible points on the SWAT PT test. 

Of those 5 I am the oldest (and best looking).

But I continue to be a slow learner.  I just maxed out on all these tests Thursday.  Friday is a training day. 

Did I pay attention to the advice about rest and recovery from the super soldier project? 

No, I decided to do some heavy bench press and scared the shit out of myself.  I thought I tore my pec. 
Thank God I didn’t and every thing is ok but I was sore as hell all weekend. 

Again God’s way of reminding me that I’m not 18 anymore.  I’m listening I promise.

So now we are all caught up.

Train hard, Train SMART, Be safe

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