Sunday, January 22, 2012

How to become a Werewolf – and other lies we tell children

This is a direct follow up / clarification of the last blog.

Specifically Operators adapting a predator mindset.

I had a long discussion with Marc MacYoung on the topic.  After the chat I wanted to make sure that any Operator reading the last blog wouldn’t take only part of the information and get himself in trouble with it.

I am grateful I have friends that push me to higher levels.  Surround yourself by the best people that will tolerate you.

Interpersonal violence is a vastly deep subject and there are no easy answers.

But there are knowable factors that you can use and control to your advantage.  This, however, requires skull sweat and you not buying into simplistic answers like “always stay five feet away” 

So, let’s look a little deeper into the use of predator tactics.

Last blog I used the example of a Lion (Leo, L.E.O. -  Law Enforcement Officer – get it?).

 For ease of reference this blog I’ll use the example of the wolf.

But first there  some other “Animals” we need to understand.

The Lizard [Hind Brain]

Survival instinct (rhythm, and ritual)

Oldest part of the physical brain

In emergencies it has the power to hijack the brain

Fight flight freeze

Whatever you are doing hasn’t gotten you killed yet

Keep doing it

Any change may kill you

The Monkey [Limbic System]


Social behavior

Does not distinguish between humiliation and death

Extremely emotional

Functions below (faster than) conscience thought

Seems rational

Most conflict is at this level

When death is abstract monkey can override the lizard

The “Human” [Neo Cortex]

Rational thinking


Where we think we always are

Deals with concrete problems strategically

Instinct and wisdom

It is the new kid on the block and subordinate to the other brains

Must be trained to trust human brain under stress

The thing about adopting Predator tactics is the Monkey recognizes a predator, or at least that it’s not dealing with another Monkey.

This results in different consequences

·         Monkey

·         Spooked Monkey

·         Super Monkey


When you approach a Monkey as a predator, the Monkey recognizes the Predator.  Or at least that it’s  not dealing with another monkey.  The Monkey doesn’t want to get eaten  so it doesn’t bother with the social dominance games and plays ball.

The Monkey is smart enough when it recognizes a predator to STFU as the lizard or human takes over.

Like the old yes maybe no person model.  There are no yes people only maybes and nos.  This interaction turns maybes in to yes’s.  Ideal for minimizing the need for force.

Spooked Monkey

Safely closing distance and placing yourself in a position where you are relatively safe but the subject is vulnerable to you sends a definite but subconscious “not to be fucked with vibe” which may prevent the need for force.

However, this subconscious vibe you are sending may also spook the shit out of some people.  They might not know why but they may feel the need to fight.  Turning a maybe person into a no person

A Spooked Monkey sees a predator and physically attacks – even if the predator isn’t intending to.

Super Monkey

There was a time that every adult male in the process of growing up faced a situation where you had to either swallow your pride or swallow your blood.  Or in other words if you didn’t shut the fuck up you were going to get your ass kicked.  It’s a hard lesson to learn, but a valuable one.  One that prevents future ass kickings in adulthood.

However, in our softer Oprah-fied America there are more and more young men who have never faced that situation or learned its lessons.  These young men are spoiled, entitled, and self-righteous.  They are the super Monkeys

When a super Monkey sees predator it feels threatened, but it doesn’t actually see the danger.   The 'danger' it senses is that the tactics it relies on aren't working. That it is powerless in this situation using those tactics.  So it tries the same old tactics only louder and more in your face.  The closer to violence you get, the worse their behavior becomes

No one likes to feel threatened.  The super monkey is offended that it is being hunted and because it’s never had to swallow its pride it ”ups” its monkey behavior or  freaks out.  Super Monkeys feel justified in being an asshole and are going to be an even bigger asshole to any predator  that threatens their social status.  To the Super Monkey it is all about the “emotional win”.

Being a predator to prevent violence will increase the need for violence when dealing with a super monkey

So you can see the need for clarification from last blog.  The strategy I suggested only works in 1 of 3 scenarios and may make 2 of 3 scenarios worse

So, why do I recommend it?

Super Monkeys aren’t just civilians and criminals.  I have to train an entire generation of Super Monkeys to be professionals

More and more cops are being killed because these Super Monkeys have never gotten their ass kicked, nor have they avoided getting their ass kicked by swallowing their pride.  So they don’t recognize the signs that an as kicking is coming their way.

The 1st step in changing this is adapting a predator mindset.  As stated before that may only work in 1 of 3 scenarios, but it works better than approaching it as a Super Monkey, or even worse a lamb.

So the 1st step is a lie we tell children

When your four  year old asks you where babies come from, you don’t go into scientific detailed information.  You don’t lie to them, you give them only the information they can handle at the time.  But information they  need to know now in order to progress to higher levels later

Being a wolf is the information a monkey or a lamb that wants to be an Operator can handle while they are still monkeys or sheep.  It will allow them to become Werewolves later

A wolf stacks everything possible in their favor before they engage.

They assume force will be necessary and set the stage accordingly.

The “prey” shouldn’t even know they were in a “fight” until it’s over and they are controlled / physically restrained.

Wolves have a job to do.  They don’t get caught up in social dominance games.  If they have to hunt in a pack (call for  / wait for back up) they will.  Not because they are weak, but because they are smart.  They are concerned with the most efficient way to get the job done.  Not who gets the credit or how cool they look doing it.

These are all things Operators need to learn.  Once these things are learned the deeper information can be explored.

For example the trick to making this tactic work in all 3 scenarios is being a predator without letting the prey know that you are one, or that they are being hunted

The term a wolf in sheep’s clothing may spring to mind but it’s more a case of being a fully competent human.

Your Monkey, Lizard, and Human (the ultimate predator) brains all working together, all doing what they do best.

An example of this is the “charm predator”

A charm predator will isolate the victim from the rest of the heard

Use other predators to cut off all escape routes

Now it needs to close distance without spooking the prey or dancing with a super monkey

This is usually done with social skills (this is where the monkey is helping the human/predator)

It sounds like:

Hey man you got a light?

What time is it?

How do I get to here on this map?

You want some candy?

Have you seen my puppy?

This both splits the prey’s attention and gives the predator  a socially acceptable pretense to close distance

The charm predator went into this fully prepared to use violence, but his job is easier if he doesn ‘t have to.  At this point he will show a weapon and threaten.  “Get in the car or I’ll fucking kill you”  If this works great.  If not charm turns to blitz and the predator will use overwhelming force to accomplish his goals

Operators have to be skilled at using Asocial violence for social reasons

Only show enough of the predator as necessary , then pull it back.  Being a Predator is a tool.  Every tool is good for the job it’s designed for, and not so much for others.  Use it when appropriate.  Hide it when it’s not but have the tool box there.

So a competent human hiding a predator inside sounds like the description of a Werewolf

It also sounds like an Operator adept at using Asocial violence for the betterment of Society.

So let’s end this blog with my twist on a drill Marc developed.

Becoming a Werewolf

Round 1 – The Monkey:

You are going to approach the subject (your partner)

Walk right in front of him and stand in his range

Subject will slowly throw a strike

When you perceive it say stop – and say which quadrant the attack came from

This will be hard, you will probably get hit so sue open hands.

This is a great way to show that being a monkey will get your ass kicked.  Your authority will not protect you.

Round 2 - The Wolf:

You are going to approach the subject (your partner)

You will put up your guard when you are in his range

Inside his range you are going to Orient yourself so you are relatively safe from him but he is vulnerable to you

Throughout this entire process you are going to mentally focus on your meanest take down and how much you want to use it on this guy

Ask the subject how that made him feel

Why did he feel this way?

Round 3 – The Werewolf

You are going to approach the subject (your partner)

This time as you cross his range you will put your hands up in a placating gesture

                Palms up, elbows in

Engage Suspect in conversation as you orient yourself

                Excuse me sir, I’m sorry to bother you but… (Predators never apologize this guy must be legit)

                                I’ve been called here for

                                May I see your driver’s license please

                                Do you know anything about…

As they answer, be prepared to move on any pre attack indicator (it’s hard to talk and fight at the same time so if they are not responding that is a clue)

Ask the subject how that made him feel

Why did he feel this way

How was it different than last time

In effect the Wolf and the Werewolf are exactly the same.  They are both better than the Monkey, the only difference between them is how the subject feels about them.  But it is that feeling that can be the difference between talking the subject into cuffs or having to protect yourself from an attack.

Train hard, train smart, be safe


  1. This is very interesting. I'm wondering where you would put the enteric brain in this scenario?

  2. As with all men, the 'second brain' is located in the stomach. The third is ... well obvious. It isn't until maturity sets in that the brain located to points north take over :D