Monday, August 11, 2014

2014 Violence Dynamics Information

It is getting to be that time of year again.
Several people have e-mailed me or contacted me via social media asking for the details of this year's clinic.

I usually reply with something like stay tuned  - details to follow

Recently I was advised if I want to generate new clients and keep ones I have, I should actually keep track of and return calls / emails to people asking how to train with me.

Hmm, go figure.  There is a reason Batman has Lucius Fox run the business for him.

So this is me putting all the information that has been confirmed in one place to send any inquires to.

First, what is the Violence Dynamics Clinic?  Why should I attend?

The VD Clinic (hmm maybe I should re-phrase that) takes principles and concepts that usually take professional users of force years to comprehend and provides a common language / lexicon for dealing with violence.

More than any other skills understanding how violence happens, and how your body deals with violence is what separates professionals from hobbyists.

Real violence happens faster and harder than most people's training takes into account. 

Come and learn from three amazing trainers that know about and have lived through the ugly side of life.
If you want realistic training that answers the problems of today, than this is the seminar for you!

2014 Violence Dynamics Information

Total Seminar                   $699 
Monday – Friday              $599
Weekend only                  $399
Per Day                            $199
Per Class                          $99
* 25% off for Military and 1st Responders

Monday October 13th 2014
Session 1             Efficient Movement       0900 – 1030
Session 2             Context                        1100 – 1230
Session 3             Power Generation         1330 - 1500
Session 4             Self Defense Law          1530 – 1700

Tuesday October 14th 2014
Session 1             Ground Movement        0900 – 1030
Session 2             Violence Dynamics        1100 – 1230
Session 3             Plastic Mind                  1330 – 1500
Session 4             Self Defense Law          1530 – 1700

Wednesday October 15th 2014
Session 1             Infighting Striking             0900 – 1030
Session 2             Threat Assessment           1100 – 1230
Session 3             Blind Fighting                   1330 – 1500
Session 4             Wall and Dynamic            1530 – 1700

 Thursday October 16th 2014 
Session 1             Environmental Fighting      0900 – 1030
Session 2             Weapon Retention            1100 – 1230
Session 3             Neck Manipulation            1330 – 1500       
Session 4             Edged Weapons Defense   1530 - 1700    
Friday October 17th 2014
Session 1             Conflict Communication I             0900 – 1030
Session 2             Striking into takedowns                1100 – 1230
Session 3             Conflict Communication II            1330 – 1500
Session 4             Ground Control                            1530 – 1700

Saturday October 18th 2014
Session 1             How to Run Scenarios I               0900 – 1030
Session 2             Environmental Fighting                    1100 – 1230
                           and Improvised Weapons
Session 3             How to Run Scenarios II              1300 – 1500
Session 4             Talking to Cops                            1530 – 1700

Sunday October 19th
Environmental Awareness Training                          1000 – 1600

Monday - Friday all classes will be held at the Mermaid Convention Center
2200 County Road 10 Mounds View MN 55112

Thursday will be a unique training opportunity that is offered no where else.  However, the very nature of this training day which makes it so uncommon precludes me from divulging any further details until the day of training.

As you can see from the above schedule Saturday's training will focus on successfully running scenario based training.  Saturday's training will take place at the Blaine Police Department Tactical Warehouse 9900 Xylite St NE Blaine MN 55449

Back by popular demand!!!
Sunday's training will take place at the Mall of America and focus on environmental awareness and urban survival
We will meet at 10:00 sharp at Nickelodeon Universe in front of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ride (C'mon, where else did you think we were going to meet?)

For Law Enforcement Officers attending, all classes are MN POST approved

Lodging and accommodations.
Americinn Hotel and Suits 2200 County Road 10 Mounds View MN 55112
For reservations please call 763 786 2000

Social activities
I have found from these clinics that a lot is learned over a meal or a drink with the instructors (sometimes even more than from the class).
So we have built in some social time Tuesday and Friday evenings after training.
(More details to follow - I promise)
*There is no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness

Physical Training
There will also be supplementary physical training opportunities at Allegiance Fitness
Discounted day passes for the gym will be available to any attendees that want to try the "Gotham City Challenge"

Sounds Great!!! How do I sign up?

Email us today to reserve your spot, space is limited.

Once your reservation is confirmed you will be sent a pay pal link.
Also check out Rory's page

There will be pay pal options there soon as well.

I hope to see you all there

Train hard, Train smart, Be safe!


  1. Sounds really cool. It would only cost me about $3000 to attend. /sigh/ I think I'm going to start saving for next one.

  2. Sign-ups have gone live here: