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That Ju Do that You Do so Well

Sometimes I get the feeling (and it is an excellent feeling) that I am in the right place at the right time, doing what the universe intended for me to do.  Things that I've been working on / towards (struggling with) for years start falling into place.

This installment of the Budo Blog is one of those times.

I've been working on an idea...

All the recent media attention on incidents in Missouri and the outrage that attention has caused has cast a  spot light on a perception that community relations with Law Enforcement is at a low.

I want to create an opportunity for the public (especially the youth of the community) to interact with Law Enforcement in a positive manner.

Some of the best success I have had with the DARE program and National Night Out was due to the simple opportunity to talk to people outside of regular Law Enforcement duties, and let them see that cops are just people too.

I feel that a Police Activity League would be an excellent opportunity to establish a community outreach program.

My Police Department already does something along those lines with the DNR gun safety course each fall.

However, another perception stemming from recent events is how under trained Law Enforcement is.

Clearly that is a fake laugh because the filmer wanted the Officers to be embarrassed

Yet another issue I've discussed on this blog is how "soft" the youth of America is and how hard it is to train up coming generations of Law Enforcement Officers.

To address all of these concerns I decided to start a Police Activity League Judo program.

To me Judo and Jujutsu are interchangable trems.
Jujutsu is the techniques and or skills
Judo is how you chose to use those skills.  How you chose to live your life.

The Judo that I enjoy the most, and will be teaching is old (pre WWII) Judo.  Including elements of Aikido and Karate like the SAC combative measures program.

The purpose of the PAL Judo program is to provide a safe, positive and energetic environment for youth and adults to enjoy the art of Judo.

Judo, which means "The Gentle Way", is a Japanese martial art based upon the ancient techniques of Jujutsu.  Dr. Jigoro Kano, incorporated the best of these ancient techniques into the new art of Judo. 
Judo is mostly known for its spectacular throwing techniques but it also includes numerous techniques for safely controlling an opponent while on the ground. 

The goal of mutual welfare and benefit was an extension of Dr. Kano's belief that Judo could help the individual become a better member of society.  Dr. Kano felt that the personal discipline that Judo taught would extend beyond the dojo into daily life and could allow the Judoka to become a more productive member of society.
In 1964, Judo became the first martial art to be sanctioned as a medal sport in the Olympic Games.  Judo is now the second most popular sport in the world. 
People practice Judo for many different reasons such as exercise, sport, self-defense, a social activity and for many practitioners Judo becomes a way of life.  But if you ask most Judoka why they train Judo, they will say that the practice Judo because it is fun!!

Citizens getting to know Officers outside of their regular duties and having fun with them has a profound effect on public perceptions of Law Enforcement.

Program Logistics:
15 week course
Ages 14-21 (any one over 14 is welcome)

Monday & Wednesday Nights from 6:30 – 8:30pm (9 for adults)
Allegiance Fitness
2240 Woodale Dr Mounds View MN 5512

Tuesday & Thursday Nights 7:00 - 9:00pm
Elk River American Legion
525 Railroad Dr, Elk River, MN 55330

Class Fees
1 Semester (15 weeks) $100 - Includes club T-shirt
1 month $40

Yearly registration and insurance fee $15
*This is a not for profit organization.  All funds raised are used for the running of the program

Classes start in October
Sign Up Today!

Contact 763 360 7200
Or check us out at

Benefits of this program
•             Civilian
•             Law Enforcement

Civilian Benefits
Besides all the inherent benefits that come from Judo training, this unique PAL Judo program allows citizens to see just how difficult safely controlling someone can be.  An informed public is a safer public
In a free and peaceful society where so many have been taught that all violence is always wrong, citizens are often confused and dismayed when officers use force, even when the force is perfectly lawful and justified.
Some highlights of training alongside with Law Enforcement include:
•             Explanation of policy and laws that officers are taught.
•             An examination of use of force
o             How to define a threat
o             The difference between excessive force and unnecessary force.
•             Who is the “bad guy” and who is not?
o             How to make that call (in actuality, and in perception).
•             Understanding of how an officer’s decisions are examined.
•             Exploration of how officers see the world that they live in.
o             Sometimes decisions will be made in a fraction of a second and on partial information.
o             Sometimes a decision will change the lives of everyone involved—forever.

•             Information on how to safely interact when faced by an officer.

Verbal Judo
Participants in the PAL Judo Program will also receive training in Conflict Communications
Conflict Communications presents a functional taxonomy to see, understand and manipulate the roots of conflict. If you have ever wondered why your boss ignored a suggestion that could save millions of dollars, or why you have the same argument again and again with your spouse, the answers are here. As well as the tools to do something about it.

Law Enforcement Benefits
To be effective for law enforcement, martial art training must include empty-hand techniques as well as weapons techniques. It must rely upon sound principles that allow a smaller individual to control a larger, stronger opponent. Also, it must provide the Officer with the skills needed to control a suspect while minimizing injuries.

Judo has been taught to Law Enforcement around the world since 1886.  In fact Judo contains Renkoho Waza and Taiho Jutsu designed especially for Law Enforcement and is the foundation of many modern defensive tactics systems.
I feel that if Law Enforcement can get paid to train or are allowed to on duty that will greatly increase the likely hood of their receiving more and better training.

In order to accomplish this all licensed Law Enforcement Officers participating in the PAL Judo program will be able to receive MN POST credit for their training.

Concurrent with the Judo program Law Enforcement Officers will be trained in One On One Control Tactics

One-On-One Control focuses on gross motor skill, high percentage techniques that are effective for all Law Enforcement Personnel regardless of their size or gender. 
This program is not meant to replace the defensive tactics system you have, but will enhance and supplement your program, increasing officer’s competence in hand to hand confrontations both standing and on the ground.
One-On-One Control Tactics protect LEOs physically, legally and they also project a positive public perception. 
Over the last 30 years One-On-One Control Tactics have been proven effective in application on the street and 100% defendable in court. 
Use of these techniques have resulted in:
•             0 – LEO injuries
•             0 – Suspect injuries
•             0 – Use of Force complaints
With the courts looking at every contact police officers have with the public, this integrated One-On-One Control Tactics system has been found to be non-obtrusive to the public, while at the same time maintaining officer safety and giving the officer maximum control without causing injury to the suspect or to the officer.

To further encourage to seek out and create training opportunities Law Enforcement Officers that complete two 15 week semesters of this program are eligible to become One On One Control Tactics Instructors for their departments.

In addition to physical skills Law Enforcement Officers will also receive training in Conflict Communications.

Conflict Communication Improves your understanding of violence, and interpersonal communications.
Increases verbal skills and helps to reduce the number of use of force incidents.
If you're emotional and caught up in the default human conflict behaviors, the best de-escalation training in the world (Verbal Judo, C.I.T., etc) is of no use to you. You're not going to be able to do it.
The essential message of Conflict Communications is -De-escalation starts with you
The goal of Conflict Communications is to teach you how to prevent conflict whenever possible and to minimize its impact when it is unavoidable.
Most conflicts can be successfully controlled by using the principles of this system. This is not specialized education only a select few can master. The program is designed so anyone can use it to prevent a conflict. We do this by teaching you to de-escalate yourself first.
Originally designed for law enforcement to be used when confronting violent felons, the principles of this program also work in business, social and casual situations

By understanding how and why confrontation occurs, Conflict Communications will show you conflict management, de-escalation, situation resolution and, if necessary, articulation of why action was both necessary and reasonable

Another public perception that has recently come to light are that Law Enforcement Officers are generally in poor physical condition.

Physical Fitness benefits
Judo is great exercise.  It promotes flexibility, develops speed and co-ordination, strengthens the cardiovascular system, and promotes balanced muscular development. 
Judo not only works out the body, but it also works out the mind. Judo will help you build self-confidence, trust, self-discipline and respect for yourself and others.
Judo has also been known to positively affect the lives of special needs individuals and build confidence in others who have been bullied or picked on.
When you combine physical activity, self-defense skills, spiritual development and peace of mind together, you’ve got the makings of a great activity that will not only keep you fit but that will also keep you motivated.

Benefits The Martial Art of Judo Can Make In a Child’s Life
Violence in our country and around the world seems out of control. There is countless news stories, thousands of victims suffer at the hands of bad people.  You see and may have been a victim of violence yourself; violence is in many video games, our music and television shows. 
Many of our children suffer the mental and physical violence bullies inflict on them on a daily basis. So, what can you do as a parent?
Improved physical fitness 
Kids will experience physical and mental enjoyment through sport recreation. Teen age obesity is a problem in our and many countries. Through the physical activity of judo practice your child will lose and maintain a healthy weight.  
 Your child will be able to withstand pain, failure and difficulties.
 Develop strict obedience while striving for a goal.
Boys and girls will find freedom from pride and arrogance.
Rage and violence extinguished through consistent discipline of regular judo practice. Students will learn why they go through a range of feelings and how to control their emotions.
Your child will learn that they are important and what they do matters.  They will learn to be courteous to you and others and that means that you are important to them.  Respect is demonstrated by good manners and behavior.
Your child will learn always to tell the truth.  Would society be better if everyone were more honest in our daily lives?  Honesty is feeling good about who you are and not feeling the need to lie.

Maximum Efficiency/Minimum Effort and Mutual Welfare Benefit
Every student will learn and perform the 2 principles of judo.
Your child will learn basic techniques to help them efficiently solve problems and to empathize or understand the limitations of others and help them achieve their goals.
Martial arts have proven to help your child perform better in school and to become a better citizen contributing to our society.  

Develop the spirit of fair play and teamwork.
Develop the vision for a positive outlook on life

We have a great foundation to start from with two solid training locations generously donated by Allegiance Fitness and the Elk River American Legion

Long Term Goals

I would also like to use this as a Teacher Development Program and expand the times and locations training is available.

I work a pretty cake day shift.  So it is easy for me to train weeknights after dinner.  There are plenty of other Law Enforcement Officers that work different shifts that may want to train at different times of the day, or live far enough away that it is a hassle to come up and train.

One of the goals I have for this program is to make training as convenient and excuse free as possible.

So if you are an Officer or Instructor willing to work with Officers as part of the PAL clubs and you can train, for the sake of argument lets say on Tuesdays at 2pm in Minneapolis -
If you can, and you want to train then and there, you just volunteered to be responsible for the Minneapolis PAL Judo Club.

In order for this to meet the community outreach mandates of the program, the alternate training times have to work for the community too.

So maybe overnight guys want to train before they go to bed day guys that want to train before their shift can train before school say like 7am.

Night guys that want to train in the afternoon after they sleep could train after school say like at 3pm.
Or before they start shift like at 5pm

To start you don't need to be an Instructor, just responsible for holding that class and a safety officer for that training so no one gets hurt.

A teaching guide will be provided for you.

I would like to build these "Coaches" up into Instructors.

I would like to get up to around 10 clubs with 10 guys each.

I would also like to make it so club members could train at any other club house.

Then when we have a big event like Violence Dynamics or Steve Jimerfield coming to town we can get all 100 guys to train together.

Some reading this might be thinking, that sounds cool but I don't do Judo I do (insert what ever here)

Awesome!  My goal is training opportunities for cops, and positive interaction with the community.
I am using a Judo model because there is already a PAL Judo frame work, and because I love Japanese martial arts.

Remember Judo was a blanket term cops back in the day used for any combative training.  If you have expertise in something else you are willing to share that is fantastic!  Do that.  Just also add the technique or principle of the week from the training guide into your lesson plan.

So anyone reading this that would like to volunteer their time effort and expertise to help me with this project it would be greatly appreciated.

Help me, to help others

Train hard, Train smart, Train safe

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