Tuesday, January 11, 2011


At work I was putting together the weekly crime summary.  Basically I read all the police reports for the week, summarize the narratives, crime map the data, and present it to the public.  Sounds kind of tedious right?  Well it is, but it is the price I pay to get to do the high speed stuff I love to do.  So while I’m doing all this data entry I keep myself from going crazy by mining all this data for situations / circumstances I can use for scenario training.  I came across an assault with a knife report.  I think to myself ok I can use this.  As I read the report I come across the victim’s statement.  It read along the lines of:
We were coming back from the casino.  I saw ------ hitch hiking.  I used to smoke crack with ----- and I didn’t want him to freeze so we picked him up.

Hey kids guess what happened?  The known drug using hitch hiker robbed his old smoking buddy of his casino winnings at knife point.  Who saw that coming?

I go back to generating the weekly crime summary when I cam e across another assault report.  This one read:
I was drunk at a party with people I never met.  They said I was talking shit and started hitting me.

Ok some training can be gleamed from that report
Running is a martial art taught to every military from the beginning of time.  Running to the battle, running from danger.
Safely – cover and conceal
To safety (not away from danger)

Counter Ambush
This is about the 1st contact of an assault.  The critical ¼ second. 
·         Fast
·         It must work
·         It must simple
·         It must work on most things with out modification
·         It must be easy to train
·         It must allow for follow up
·         Train to reflex speed. 

Getting out of bad situations can be trained is scenarios.  However as demonstrated by those police reports, the best way out of a bad situation is – DON’T GET INTO THOSE SITUATIONS
It reminds me of my old wrestling coach.  Most of us hadn’t eaten in awhile because we were cutting weight.  He asked if we wanted some doughnuts.  Of course we wanted doughnuts.  So he proceeded with his list of doughnuts

Dough – nut (meaning do not this story is more funny word of mouth rather than typed):
  • Get put on your back
  • Rest on your hip
  • So forth…

So here are some basic dough-nutz
  • Pick up hitch hikers
  • Pick up hitch hikers that you know use CRACK!
  • Get drunk at parties
  • Get drunk at parties surrounded by strangers
  • Get drunk at parties surrounded by strangers and talk shit to the above mentioned strangers

It is better to avoid than run, better to run than deescalceate, better to deescalate than fight, better to fight than die

Avoidance / absencense
Bad things happen in predictable places.  If you avoid the places you can avoid a huge percentage of the violence in the world.  What are those places?
·         Bars – Parties – Anywhere people get their minds altered
·         Anywhere that young men gather
·         Where territories are in dispute
·         Private Places
·         Limited mobility or escape routes 

Train hard – Train Smart – Be safe


  1. Good lessons to learn for everyone.
    and ...no.. I did not see that robbery coming at all ;-)

  2. Well said! Even if/when you know you could resolve it with combat martial arts always best to try Option #1 of avoidance, reasoning, deescalation, etc. Been there. Scary but paid off.

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  4. DDwx -
    Question, how do you know (if/when) you can handle it with combat marshal arts? There's always Murphy and O' Toole to think about.


    Sorry, left out if/when and it sound like a personal attack. Instead Of just a question of why should anyone feel confident in a fog of war type situation?