Tuesday, February 1, 2011

People I admire part 3 - Steve Jimerfield

Sensei Jimerfield began martial arts training in 1966 in Kenpo and kajukenpo karate, and his law enforcement career started as an Alaska State Trooper in 1975. Jimerfield Sensei also studied Judo and Jujutsu under Porter Sensei. He was assigned to DPS Training Academy as a instructor, has been a law enforcement self-defense instructor for more than twenty-five years, and eventually retired from the Alaska State Troopers in 1997 as a Corporal. Although retired, Jimerfield Sensei now acts in the capacity of Traveling Trainer for the Alaska Police Standards Council, and is the Instructor/Trainer of One-On-One Control Tactics which he developed for Law Enforcement personnel.

One-On-One Control Tactics is an integrated control system Jimerfield designed for the Alaska State Trooper Academy. Officers in the State of Alaska must often work alone, without back up, and must be able to control violent people. The One-On-One Control Tactics system was developed out of Jimerfield Sensei's training in judo, jujitsu and karate. He took the best from each and developed a system that works on the street for a police officer. The techniques taught have been used on the street by hundreds of police officers within the State of Alaska and around the world. Jimerfield Sensei has kept track of the use of the techniques through use of force reports and through contact with officers. These techniques have an emphasis on ground control and will give officers confidence in hand to hand confrontations both standing and on the ground.

Sensei's ranks, certifications, and other recognitions:
Kaiso (founder) of his own close quarters battle / control tactics based Taiho Jitsu
10th degree Black Belt Taiho Jitsu, 2006
10th degree Black Belt Jujitsu, 2006
8th degree Black Belt Judo, 2008
Master Instructor and Examiner in Judo and Jujitsu
Director Law Enforcement Self Defense Division
Licensed Police Self Defense Instructor
Leadership Award 2000, Defensive Tactics Newsletter, for ongoing training and research in Criminal Justice Defensive Tactics
Awarded Rank of Yudansha Taigu 2005

Sensei's publications:
One-On-One Control:
Safe StreetTactics for Law Enforcement
Cold Weather One-On-One Control:
Cold Weather Street Tactics for Law Enforcement
Defensive Tactics Newsletter, Cold Weather Control, 10/99
Defensive Tactics Newsletter, Keeping Negatives Out of Defensive Training, 10/00

Sensei Jimerfield wrote this about the One on One system:

The One-On-One Control Tactics system is dedicated to my best friend, Alaska State Trooper Bruce A. Heck.
Bruce was killed January 10th, 1997 by a four-time felon who had been out of jail for only 12 hours after serving a 10-year sentence.
Bruce and I worked together on graveyard shift for 13 years. He often said that if it were not for me, he probably would have never been an Alaska State Trooper. Bruce loved his job and was one of the best at what he did.

Bruce was the best backup I could ever have asked for in any situation. He was there when I was in trouble, and backed me up time and again. I was his field training officer, the best man at his wedding, and there when his first child was born.

We knew everything about each other and our lives. He was to retire at the same time I did on June 30th, 1997. Bruce was the nicest, kindest and most caring person I have ever met.

It is my hope that by teaching and sharing the One-On-One Control Tactics system other officers will not die in the manner that Bruce did in a hand-to-hand confrontation with a criminal.

I am honored to be a student of Steve Jimerfield and to be able to help him teach and share the One-On-One Control Tactics system.  “Training to save lives” is the tag line of the system.  That should tell you most of what you need to know about Jimerfield. 

With his training and experience he could easily cash in selling simple solutions to alleviate people’s fears.  Instead he offers quality training on how to manage danger as opposed to feel better about being scared. 

His training is neither simple nor easy, because the job is never simple or easy.  The training is realistic, principle based and focuses on gross motor skills that can be achieved under combat stress in all weather conditions. 

He holds high personal standards, and demands that his students meet these standards.  He doesn’t advertise, he doesn’t sell DVDs or special training equipment.  In fact I bet the majority of people reading this have never heard of Steve Jimerfield.  However, he teaches 30 – 40 weeks out of the year to operators all across the world on word of mouth alone.  He has a passion for improving the skills of people whose lives depend on those skills.  The quality of his training and his willingness to go to the mat for his students develop strong loyalty in those lucky enough to have had an opportunity to train with him.

Last spring I was having difficulty with the logistics involved in hosting his instructors course.  I gave him a call and told him that there is no way I could generate his teaching fee before the class.  He said Kasey, I’m coming to Minnesota.  I hope my expenses get covered.  If they don’t fuck it, I’m more concerned about saving lives.

In this age of 8 hr commando ninja seminars for $1000 and people with no law enforcement experience forcing the square peg of what they know into the round hole of what law enforcement needs, Steve Jimerfield is more concerned about saving lives than making money and I am proud to be his friend

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  1. He truly is an amazing man. And it was so much fun to watch him kick your ass ;-) Not many people can do this