Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Super Soldier Project - Introduction

In early 1940, appalled at Nazi Germany’s horrific atrocities, Steve Rogers a scrawny fine arts student attempted to enlist in the army. Failing to pass physical requirements, he was invited to volunteer for Operation: Rebirth, a project intended to create a Super Soldier.  Transforming him into Captain America

Captain America has no superhuman powers, although as a result of the Super-Soldier Serum and "Vita-Ray" treatment, he is transformed from a frail young man into a "perfect" specimen of human development and conditioning. Captain America's strength, endurance, agility, speed, reflexes, durability, and healing are at the highest limits of natural human potential.

The formula enhances all of his metabolic functions and prevents the build-up of fatigue poisons in his muscles, giving him endurance far in excess of an ordinary human being.

Rogers' battle experience and training make him an expert tactician and an excellent field commander, with his teammates frequently deferring to his orders in battle.

He has blended judo, western boxing, and kickboxing, into his own unique fighting style and is a master of multiple martial arts. He is regarded by other skilled fighters as one of the best hand-to-hand combatants in the Marvel Universe (Sound like anyone you know)

He occasionally makes forays into mundane career fields, including commercial arts, comic book artistry, education (high school history), and law enforcement.

You may be thinking ok great Kasey is geeking out over Captain America.  What does this have to do with the practical application of Budo?

I’m glad you asked

Last Monday I was getting out of my squad car and my knee crunched on both sides.  No big deal my knees do that all the time.  Only this time I was limping back into the Police Department.  I figured I’m tough, after I work out things will pop back in.  So I worked out (my 2nd workout of the day) and my knee felt better.  I went to the Dojo (3rd workout of the day).  We were doing ground work (body weight / pressure on the knee) and me knee swelled up and hurt like hell.  I thought oh shit here we go again – 1991&92 Dislocated kneecap, 2003 Ruptured Bicep, 2008 Dislocated ankle, broken tibia – now what?  So I made an appointment with Dr. Jeremy Rebrovich of Ideal Health a chiropractor and sports medicine guy who has helped me in the past.  After an examination he said nothing appeared to be ripped torn or broken (thank God!).  Jeremy said that I have patellar tendon dysfunction.  Basically that tendon isn’t where it’s supposed to be making it rub between the bone and knee cap.  That causes irritation which causes swelling which causes pain. 

Solution – stop overtraining (did I mention the 3 workouts in one day on an injured knee?), warm up / cool down, stretch, take a good Omega 3 and a quality Chondroitin / glucosamine (did I mention I can’t remember the last time I took my supplements?)

The thing that really makes me mad (at myself) is this is the same advice Jeremy gave me about three years ago.  That advice worked last time I had an over use injury, then I just stopped following that advice.  The pattern goes like this – Train, train, train, over train INJURY.  Rehab, recovery, train, rest.  Hey that went well.  Let’s try train, rest.  Feels good! How about train, train, rest.  Hey I didn’t get hurt.  Now let’s try train, train, train, over train OUCH!  Fuck not again.  How could this have happened?

Now you maybe thinking ok Kasey has given us the reader’s digest version of Captain America’s origin and apparently he is a dumbass who is a very slow learner.  What does this have to do with the practical application of Budo?!!!

Ok, you don’t rise to the occasion you fall to your level of training in the body you are in.  I use that phrase I stole from Rory a lot to describe that in conflict your body will be adrenalized and fine motor skills will fail.  In this instance I’m using it to remind myself that my function is to protect and serve.  I won’t be worth a damn in that function if I’m limping and all I can think about is how bad my knee hurts.

I’ve come to realize (finally) I’m Not 23 anymore.  I can not, and should not continue to train as if I were 23.  Instead I should focus on becoming the best 36 possible.  Failing to plan is planning to fail.  Because I am a comic nerd, when I started to plan I thought of young Steve Rodgers and was inspired to start my own Super Soldier Project.

I decided to share the project here to help me stick to the plan and be accountable.  I will also chart my progress on the blog so that anyone interested can apply the fundamental principles to their own training (see practical application of Budo, just took awhile to get there).  The Super Soldier Project will be a series of blogs documenting how I transformed from a recurringly injured old man into a "perfect" specimen of human development and conditioning. Enhancing strength, endurance, agility, speed, reflexes, durability, and healing to the highest limits of natural human potential.

The Super Soldier Formula enhances all metabolic functions and prevents the build-up of fatigue poisons in his muscles.  Lise and the good people at the Health Restoration Clinic are working on a supplement regiment which focuses on increasing muscle mass, testosterone, metabolic rate, and healing bones ligament and cartilage.
Rest / Recovery – recovering from training IS TRAINING!!!!!

Strength Training

Combatives Specific Conditioning

Cardio / Road Work


I wear a helmet, carry a shield and fight crime too :)

Stay tuned true believers!


  1. Captain America... the story of Kasey Keckeisen

  2. I guess that makes you Bucky :)

  3. It's funny this is the second or third time today the subject of overtraining has come up. At 42 I'm working harder than perhaps I ever have (training for a marathon, weights, core, martial arts) but I still have the sleep habits of a 21 year old and I was just wondering today why my energy levels have gone into the can?? Hahaha oh man!!! At least we're old enough to learn the lesson!