Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quick update

Hey everybody your favorite Samurai Super Cop hasn't checked in for awhile.  I've been busy getting my ass kicked 14 hours a day by Marc and Rory.  I'm having a blast, but every minute is scheduled either training, eating, discussion or then if there is time sleeping.

So I'm sorry I haven't blogged much, but as you can imagine this week is generating tons of material for future blogs so stay tuned true believers.

I'll give ya one quick story to tide you over until then.
In future blogs I will discuss power generation, structure, and force but for now just the story
Rory had us doing a drilll that I won't go into detail about.  Not that its an operator only drill or secret, just that if you read about the drill it won't be nearly as worth while when you experience it for yourself.(and you really should experience this training 1st hand)
So, regardless of the drill Marc gets his hands on my shoulders from behind.  I have one motion to do something about it.  Now Marc is someone I know and respect.  He has made me a much more efficient operator, and a better teacher.  Having said all that still some part of my brain was like - pshh good luck little guy.  Next thing I know I'm a good 10 -12' from where I was and struggling not to smash into the wing chung dummy in the corner. 
My next thoughts were:
1) Wow! that was fucking awesome
2) Why did I think this guy who has helped improve how I throw guys wouldn't be able to use that same information to toss me
3) Giggle giggle lets watch him throw some other guys.

So stay tuned to learn how Marc threw me and how you can apply it to what you do.  

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  1. I'm glad to hear your going to cover, what must have been for you, a very enlightening moment. I heard you guys talking about it a few *cough* times. Can't wait for the answer. Thanks again Kasey for hosting the seminar. You got a great crew of students. Very informative and just a total blast. Wish I was in the can with you right now.

    Sweaty John