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Ambush (and the return of the "Werewolf")


Bogus 911 call from suspect lured Mpls. park police into ambush
Article by: PAUL WALSH , Star Tribune Updated: August 22, 2012 - 10:00 PM

A bogus 911 call Tuesday night lured two Minneapolis park police officers to Minnehaha Creek, where the man who made the call allegedly stabbed the officers before one shot and wounded him.

When investigators interviewed the suspect, Marsenior P. Johnson, 38, he admitted that he called 911 and faked that he'd been robbed because he wanted to draw police in order to attack them. No motive for the scheme was immediately clear, said a police spokesman.

Johnson, of Minneapolis, whose criminal history includes convictions for domestic assault and theft, is currently under guard at Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC), and it was expected that he would be booked into jail on suspicion of felony second-degree assault when he is ready to be moved. He had not been formally charged Wednesday.

According to police:

Just after 11:20 p.m., two park police officers -- one male, one female -- were dispatched to Minnehaha Parkway at Bryant Avenue S. The caller said he had been robbed at knifepoint by multiple suspects.

The officers encountered Johnson at the intersection shortly before 11:45 p.m., thinking he was a robbery victim.

Johnson then stabbed the male officer in the chest with a knife, but "the officer's life was saved by his body armor, which prevented the knife from penetrating," Minneapolis police said in a statement.

Johnson then stabbed the female officer in the upper back. She also suffered a serious cut to her head when she fell to the street. Her partner then shot Johnson, ending his attack.

Man charged with stabbing two Minneapolis park police officers
A criminal complaint says a 38-year-old man charged in the stabbing of two Minneapolis park police officers told authorities: “I wanted to hurt some cops.”

By: Associated Press report, Associated Press
MINNEAPOLIS — A criminal complaint says a 38-year-old man charged in the stabbing of two Minneapolis park police officers told authorities: “I wanted to hurt some cops.”

Marsenior Johnson was charged Thursday with two counts of attempted second-degree murder. The complaint says he attacked two Minneapolis park police officers Tuesday — luring them into an ambush with a bogus 911 call.

The Star Tribune reported that Johnson stabbed Officer James Huber, but hit Huber's protective vest. The charges say Johnson then stabbed Officer Katherine Hammes in the back of the neck and was about to stab her again when Huber shot him three times.

Hammes suffered a stab wound and a concussion. Both officers are on standard leave.

Johnson is being treated for gunshot wounds at the hospital

The reason I posted this news article is because it happened in my own “back yard” and because it highlights some concepts I’ve been writing about lately.

Any time I analyze the actions of an other officer, remember I am not second guessing them, I am trying to learn from their experience.

Also remember how I define a win
  • You and your partners go home         – [Both officers are on standard leave.]
  • Bad guy goes to:
    • Jail
    • Hospital                                   - [Johnson is being treated for gunshot wounds at the hospital
    • Moure
  • You don’t get sued…..successfully

Looks like a win to me.  Obviously the down side being that the Officers were injured.  That’s is where we can learn from their experience

“I wanted to hurt some cops.”

Johnson was seeking pleasure from the crime.  By definition that makes him a process predator.

Asocial violence does not see the victim as a person but rather a resource (a different species to be hunted).  By the time you face a predator attack you must understand that the predator has decided what ever you have (or the attack itself) is more important than you.  Who you are carries no more emotional weight than the wrapper a hamburger came in.

A predator will use tactics he has developed to get what he wants from you in the safest surest manor.  This is in no way a “fair fight”.  The predator will take every advantage using speed, surprise and ferocity to prevent you from responding in any way that could be effective in stopping him. 

Predator Types
  • Resource
A resource predator wants something you have and will use violence to take it from you
A resource predator situation can be resolved by giving up what you have Car , Purse Wallet
(Are they worth dying for?)
  • Process
For the process predator, the act of violence is the reason itself.  The Crime is the goal
Requires time and privacy to “enjoy” the process / act of violence
Will attempt to isolate victim
Home Invasion (comes to you)
Secondary Crime scene (takes you someplace somewhere else)

Do whatever is necessary to end the situation
If not it will likely escalate into rape, torture, murder

In the case of the news article luring the Police to an isolated area with a fake 911 call

Predator Strategies
  • Charm
The predator will use social skills to get the victim into a vulnerable position
A skilled Charm predator will set it up so that every step into his trap is one that the victim not only chose but that she believes that she initiated
Once control has been accomplished the predator will change to blitz tactics especially intimidation

  • Blitz
Blitz will use speed power and position to take control and eliminate resistance
Blitz can also use intimidation to establish psychological control
Intimidation is preferred to violence.  He is a predator but Man is the deadliest prey.  Any attempt at violence puts the predator at risk of injury as well
Crimes that result in injury also carry heavier jail times.  For the resource predator violence is his job.  He knows the stakes

Johnson used social skills to get the victim into a vulnerable position.  He pretended to be the victim of an armed robbery.  He set the Officers up so that every step into his trap was one that they not only chose but believed they initiated.

Once he had them in an isolated area with their guard down he switched to blitz tactics and “hurt some cops”.

This brings me back to my previous blog, about operationally adapting a predator mindset.  Some construed the last blog as indicating that sport arts are worthless for self protection.  That misses the entire point of the blog.  The blog was about how Lise, after over 20 years of martial arts training, the last 7 of which have been with me, can finally “kill me” on a consistent basis.

What I discovered didn’t have much to do with physical skill but with adapting that predator mind set.  Her movement has to be much more efficient than those of a large male attacker.  Adopting a predatory mindset helped her to see that and stop trying to out wrestle people twice her size.
The word predator has a very negative connotation to many, but predatory skills are just tools.  Like any tools they can be used to good or ill.

For the example of this article I would go so far as to say that where your physical skill set comes from (sport arts, traditional arts, combatives, what ever) is irrelevant.

Your mind set is much more important.

Its is very difficult to switch from customer service “officer friendly” mode to lethal force close quarters combat mode in time to do anything useful.

It was very hard for the Officers in the article to switch from helping a victim to ending an assault in time to prevent being assaulted.  No physical technique is fast enough.  No martial athlete is fast enough.  That is why ambush attacks have been so successful through out history.

It is much easier to start at lethal force and down shift into officer friendly.  This is what I have called being a Werewolf in previous blogs.  What I mean by this is adapting that predator mind set and not only assuming that lethal force will be necessary but actively stacking the deck to be able to use lethal force efficiently.  This naturally elevates your level of awareness, and sends off subconscious “not to be fucked with vibes”.  However, as I mentioned in the how to become a werewolf post, those same vibe can also spook the shit out of some people. They might not know why but they may feel the need to fight.  Turning a maybe person into a no person.

So, this is where an Operator uses other predator strategies - charm tactics.
The predator will use social skills to get the victim into a vulnerable position
A skilled Charm predator will set it up so that every step into his trap is one that the victim not only chose but that she believes that she initiated

Being a Werewolf is stacking the deck to be able to use lethal force efficiently while saying the things “officer friendly” needs to say.  Sending the don’t fuck with me vibe without scaring them into fight or flight, and being pleasantly surprised when you don’t have to kill or maim anyone.

This mindset and the ability to use justified lethal force efficiently is what allows Lise to “kill me”.  Nothing in her sport, or traditional back ground gets it done

For the Werewolf to work you have to actively practice it, you can’t just pay it lip service. 
Good news is you can practice it anywhere and it won’t cost you anything.

Here is how:
With everyone you encounter today I want you to work your self into at least a “1 position” extra credit for 2 and 2 ½.

Actively plan how (not if you could) you would take them out. 
So for ladies grossly out sized that includes using a ball point pen to rip the femoral artery in his thigh. 
Just working that out will help break fair fight mentalities, and help alleviate the natural fear of fighting a large man. 
            You don’t fight large men you kill them. 

No matter how big and bad they are, they are just 6 quarts of blood in a skin sack – not nearly as scary.  
At the same time you can’t spook them off or give yourself away, so practice being extra polite

Learning how to “hunt” like this will teach you what predators need to do to close on you as well

So, the second part of the drill is to assume everyone you come in contact with today is trying to kill you.

You need to position yourself to make this as difficult as possible for them
And again you can’t let them know you are on to them – so practice being extra polite, practice being normal.

Have fun, and remember if you or any of your team are discovered the commissioner will disavow any knowledge of your assignment.

I hope because this drill is fun, and free, it will become a habit and help make predator mind set natural.  I believe this predator mindset will help you prevail against an ambush far more than any physical counter ambush technique.  No matter what art or style that technique comes from.

Train hard, Train smart, Be safe

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