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Friends of the Budo Blog I hear your cries.  Kasey, where have you been?  What are you up to?  Why are there no new blogs?  Who is going to write stupid jokes and post pop culture and comic book references?  I hear you and I understand.  The Budo Blog is awesome, and it is hard enough to have to wait a week until the next one.  Almost unbearable to wait longer if the blog is delayed.  So fear not the Budo Blog is back with the tales of where I’ve been and if I do my job right what you can learn from those adventures.

I posted the last blog October 9th

On October 10th we had a high risk felony search warrant.  The following day I had Sniper Training.  Then that weekend I left for Socorro New Mexico.

Why Socorro you ask?  I had the opportunity to attend the prevention of and response to suicide bombing incidents class.  New Mexico Tech hosts the EMRTC (energetic materials research and testing center) 

Check out the videos on this link

I figured I would be able to post a blog about working out in your hotel room, body weight training, making the best of what you have, etc…

However, the folks at New Mexico tech were nice enough to let us use their athletic facilities.

I talked a buddy into training with me.  We decided to do strength training Monday and Wednesday and running Tuesday and Thursday.  We flew out on Friday

Working out with a friend and trying to use the free time we had for training in the most efficient way we decided to work the military training pyramid.

1 Pull Up
2 Push Ups
3 Sit Ups
4 Sumo Squats

What can you learn from that adventure?
Well first that work out is a fast and efficient way to get good strength training in quickly.  Also because there is no rest between exercises or sets it gets your heart rate into the cardiovascular training zone for around 20-30 minutes too.

Another thing you can learn from this adventure is a point I’ve made on several other posts.
Surround yourself with good people.
1) People that will actually work out with you
2) People that not only work out with you but push you past where you are comfortable and get you to work harder.

My training buddy liked the pyramid workout we did on Monday.  So for Wednesday he decided that we needed to do a 7 step pyramid.  That is only two extra sets, but those two sets kicked my ass.

My training buddy is also a much better / faster runner than I am.  Trying to keep up with him, chasing him through the desert so I didn't get lost and eaten up by coyotes forced me to run faster than I am comfortable with.

Something I learned for this adventure – altitude training
I asked one of the instructors if there was somewhere cool (sight seeing wise) to go for a run.  He said we should check out the Kelly mine.  He didn't mention the Kelly mine is on a mountain.

I am from Minnesota, so I’ve never trained at altitude before.  We have lakes not mountains.  Holy shit that is hard.  We got out of the van and found the trail which basically goes straight up.  I ran for about a whopping 10 yards and started to wonder who poured needles into my lungs.  I’m proud I finished the run but it wasn't pretty.

When I got home I didn’t blog because I wanted to spend time with my daughters that I hadn’t seen in a week.  So the wife and I took them to the Mall of America.  They had gift cards from their birthdays to spend at the American Girl Doll Store.

Counter Terror training, hell even running up mountains, is much more fun than shopping for dolls at the Mall of America

My first day back to work was a training day for the WMD tactical team.  That training day included the annual PT (physical training) test

The requirement for the mile run is 8:30.  I have never run a mile under 9 minutes in my life, so to be honest I was a little worried about it.  But I wasn't going to fail.  I figured if I had to puke and collapse so be it, bring it to me.  Luckily for me my training buddy in Socorro is also on the WMD team.  So just like the desert I just tried to keep up with him.  The team kind of naturally broke into three groups as the run went on.  The fast guys (guys who have been training for marathons), the middle of the pack, and the slow guys.  I couldn't quite keep up with my buddy (fast group), but there was no way I was going to be one of the slow guys.  I am happy to report I ended up at the tail end of the middle group with a 8:15 mile.  Not record setting by any means, but the fastest mile I ever ran.  I guess all that altitude training paid off.

The next day was SWAT training and we had our new applicant testing.  Firearms skills, physical agility, and a stress shoot.  Long day!, I acted as a range officer so I had to come early to set up the range and stay late to clean it up

What can you learn from this?
You are what you routinely do.

You can’t cram for tests like that.  Chance favors the prepared mind.  To be successful you have to work on those skills and attributes everyday.  Dry fire drills every day for a year will make you a better shooter than going out to the range a week before a qualification.  Maintaining physical fitness serves you better than killing yourself trying to get into shape for a PT test or peaking for one event.  If you have to change your life style for a test than you are already behind the 8 ball.

The flip side of that is, if you need a test or challenge to inspire you to train certain skills and attributes on a regular basis then seek out those challenges.

Competition breeds excellence, even if you are just competing against yourself.  Sing up for a warrior dash, or mud run.  Test yourself, if you don’t belong to an organization that routinely tests your skills / fitness steal a test from the Military

This website is awesome, here is an article on military / law enforcement fitness testing preparation

Run yourself through the test a couple times a year, see how you improve.

Now you may be asking ok Kasey, why didn’t you drop these nuggets of wisdom on us after the SWAT test.

Because we had another high risk felony search warrant the next day.  We have been very busy this year

Even my weekends have been busy with the addition of the Sunday classes I mentioned in previous blogs.  But it is worth it, the classes have been going very well, and I am working out the logistical kinks of pulling off this type of training.

Along those lines I have also been dong personal training / one on one instruction as well.  It is a new and interesting challenge, but it is rewarding to see the progress you are helping to achieve.

So after all that, time to blog?  Nope, guess what - another high risk felony search warrant.  Did I mention we have been busy?

So then it was time to be a good dad and take the kids trick or treating, check out our awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costumes

By now you must saying, Kasey – surely after all this you would take a day off and find some time to devote to your readers.

Nope the next day I taught Control Tactics to my department.

Then, a weekend of Dojo classes and personal training.

But now, finally I am all caught up.  I can get back to blogging and writing the book.

However, there are big things on the horizon.  Too soon to go into detail, but just now if I disappear again in the non too distant future it’s because I’m doing awesome stuff I’ll fill you in on as details become available.

So bottom line, what can you take away from today’s blog?
  • I am very busy
  • I don’t make excuses but on occasion I offer explanations
  • Surround yourself with good people.
  • You are what you routinely do.  To be successful you have to work on fundamental skills and attributes everyday.
  • Seek out challenges
  • Test yourself regularly
  • Lastly I am the coolest dad ever

Thank you for taking the time to read these blogs and to check in to see when a new one comes out. 

See you next Tuesday.

Until then  - Train hard, Train smart, Be safe

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