Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Violence Dynamics West Coast

Days off form regular job confirmed.  Plane tickets booked.  Place to crash reserved.  In 5 weeks I'll be headed to the west coast.  In case you couldn't tell by the font that last part was written in 2 Pac's voice as I flashed hand signs.

After years of presenting and refining the Violence Dynamics Seminar Series we are taking the show on the road.

Tuesday, April 12 – Sunday, April 17, 2016 in Oakland, CA, USA

In one six-day intensive course, we are creating the opportunity to explore the same concepts many force operators spend years of their lives and thousands of force encounters to buy.

As always Viody is:

Marc MacYoung

The gang-infested streets of Los Angeles not only gave Marc MacYoung his street name “Animal,” but also firsthand experience about what does and does not work for self-defense. What he teaches is based on experience and proven reliability for surviving violence. If it didn’t work, he wouldn’t be alive to talk about it.

He is considered by many to be one of the most analytical thinkers on the subject of surviving violence and personal safety today. He has taught police, military, martial artists and civilians around the world. His message is always the same: Hand-to-hand combat is a last ditch effort when other, more effective, preventive measures have failed.

Rory Miller

(This picture is so old they don't even make that type of body armor anymore)

“Force is a form of communication. It is the most emphatic possible way of saying ‘no’. For years my job was to say no, sometimes very emphatically, to violent people.

“I have been a Corrections Officer, a Sergeant, a Tactical Team member and a Tactical Team Leader; I have taught corrections and enforcement personnel skills from first aid to physical defense to crisis communication and mental health. I’ve done this from my west coast home to Baghdad. So far, my life has been a blast.

“I’m a bit scarred up, but generally happy.”

Kasey Keckeisen

Seriously guys, this is the promotion picture we are using?  
Well I do look pretty good, like if Jason Statham was into My Pretty Pony"

Kasey Keckeisen is an experienced Police Officer, SWAT team leader, and SWAT training coordinator. Kasey Keckeisen is the United States Midwest Regional Director for the Edo Machi-Kata Taiho Jutsu organization, and the Minnesota State Director for One-On-One Control Tactics. Keckeisen holds 6th degree black belts in Judo, Jujitsu, and Aikido and a black belt in Taiho Jutsu Keckeisen is also recognized as a Shihan by the International Shin Budo Association. He is also a Catch Wrestling and Bare knuckle Boxing enthusiast, and a terrific dancer.  

Keckeisen runs Judo Minnesota, an organization that provides free training to Law Enforcement and Military, and provides opportunities for youth to have positive experiences with Law Enforcement through martial arts training.

Joining the roster for our West Coast adventure

Kathy Jackson

“I’m a firearms instructor, a homeschool mom, a small business owner, a former magazine editor, and a freelance writer. I guess you could say I wear a lot of hats. My husband and I have been married more than 25 years, and we have five sons.

“I’m a frequent contributor to Women & Guns Magazine, and my work has appeared in SWAT Magazine. I co-authored Lessons from Armed America, a book which presents several real-life accounts of people protecting themselves from criminals and the lessons we can learn from those situations. My most recent book is: The Cornered Cat: A Woman’s Guide to Concealed Carry.”

Terry Trahan

Having spent many years dealing with violence, various subcultures, and street life gives Terry Trahan a unique view on life and the dynamics of violence.

Having a strong interest in efficient answers to violence, de-escalation, urban survival, and escape, Terry’s focus is more on the civilian end of dealing with violence, covering armed, unarmed, improvised weapons, threat assessment, awareness, and unconventional strategies.

Terry has years of training in SouthEast Asian Martial Arts, heads the Kapatiran Suntukan Martial Arts organization, and is the lead instructor for WeaselCraft, his non-traditional approach to personal security, and specializes in all aspects of knives, from use, to design and function.

The schedule subject to change but here is a preliminary class offering

Day One: Tuesday, April 12
Session 1. Rory: Intro to 1-step
Session 2. Kasey: Violence Dynamics
Session 3. Terry: Leverage
Session 4. Kasey: Logic of Violence
Day Two: Wednesday, April 13
Session 1. Marc: ConCom 1
Session 2. Marc: ConCom 2
Session 3. Marc: Power Generation
Session 4. Terry: Targeting
Day Three: Thursday, April 14
This is an on-site range day with Kathy Jackson.
Session 1: Safety Brief
Session 2: Retention
Lunch Lecture, Q&A
Session 4: Fundamentals
Session 4: Applications
Day Four: Friday, April 15
Session 1. Terry: Threat Assessment
Session 2. Rory: Blindfold
Session 3. Rory: Ground
Session 4. Terry & Kathy: Weapons Familiarization
Day Five: Saturday, April 16
Session 1. Kasey: Self Defense Law
Session 2. Terry: Weapon Defense
Session 3. Rory: Environmental Fighting
Session 4: Debrief, Q/A
Day Six: Sunday, April 17
Environmental Awareness
Rory Miller
Marc MacYoung
Kasey Keckeisen
Kathy Jackson
Terry Trahan

I know on day three Rory has some surprise classes lined up for those attending that do not wish to take part in the fire arms portion of the seminar.

Classes are filling quickly reserve your spot today
Click HERE to sign up.

Those of you that read the blog regularly know I rarely give out compliments.  It is extremely difficult for me to get days off.  There is a reason I jumped through all the flaming hoops placed in my way in order to be part of this seminar.   These instructors are worthy of your time and money.  (That is the highest praise I can think of)

If traveling to Minnesota has made it difficult for you to attend a VioDy seminar in the past, this is an excellent opportunity for you to come and check it out.

If you have been to VioDy before I know there is some very cool things planned for the "OG's"

This is your 5 week warning - Do what you need to do to get to this class!

Training seminars on the less-discussed aspects of violence prevention, conflict communication, and use of force.

Train hard, train smart, be safe.

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