Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bodyweight strength training

Here is my workout for the next 6 week cycle.  Video to follow

Legs    Tenkan (circle) / Dempsey Drop Step Squat
            Turn 90’ Squat repeat. 

Push    Incline Push-Up and twist
                        Put your feet on something higher than the ground.  Do a push up, then twist and reach one arm to the sky
                        Reps to failure, then just push-up.  Reps to failure then “girl” push-ups

Core    Crunches

Pull      Chin-ups (Lats)

Legs    Irimi Hops – Plyometrics
                        Zig / Zag one lag hops 3rd base to 1st base

Push    Isometric shoulder raise & plyometric shoulder push off
                        Stand in a door way.  Push wrists against door frame as hard as you can for 30 sec
                        Stand on one side of door way.  Fall sideways into the other side.  Catch your self and push back to original position

Core    Guard sweeps

Pull      Pull-ups (Bi)

Legs    Osoto Gari

Push    Bench Dips

Core    Flutter Kicks

Pull      Reverse grip (palms away) finger tip pull-ups

Reps to failure, repeat 3 times

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