Saturday, October 2, 2010

What is Budo?

The following is paraphrased from Rory Miller, James Williams, and my own thoughts.  I post it here as a spring board to think about your own martial arts training.

Budo = Martial way.  Implying a way of life (beliefs, morals, ethics) which involves Bujutsu.
Bujutsu = Martial arts
Martial = From Mars the god of War
War = Killing or maiming your opponent
Art = Killing or maiming your opponent before he kills or maims you

This is very different from how most martial arts are taught.  The original intent of Budo was to kill with one stroke.  Taken in that context "sparring" becomes silly.  Detrimental in fact.  Ingraining pulled punches or sport only responses.  Under stress one does not rise to the occasion.  One falls to their level of training.  However, "live" resistive, force on force training is a necessary element for training.  So how can we train to ingrain combat responses with out killing or maiming or partners?

Something must be made artificial for safety sake.  Some artificial training methods that have allowed me to "keep it real" include
  • Protective equipment
  • Slow Motion Training
Tomorrow's blog will include some drills that have worked for me


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  3. I'd love to learn more about Slow Motion Training and how to use this in class. Can you post some information on this?