Saturday, November 13, 2010

Last night at the Dojo

I'm working on a fairly lengthy blog on how to train professionals.  But I know you all are just begging for another budo blog so here is an oldie but goodie
Last night at the Dojo
by Kasey Keckeisen on Friday, June 12, 2009 at 10:52am
The Story

1) I am not bragging
2) There is no honor in picking fights
3) There is no honor in picking fights with people ½ your size
4) There is no honor in picking fights with people ½ your age (until your 50)

Having said that here is a humorous event that happened at the Dojo last night

We are doing test prep for the big test on the 27th. Senior students working together in one group, junior students in another. The junior students were by the back door which was left open due to the heat. A group of about 5-6 teen age skateboarders stopped at the back door and started watching. No big deal we have giant windows people can watch if they want, that is one way to generate interest. Then one kid starts running his mouth to Jeff about being a yellow belt and some other stuff. You can watch but don't interrupt / distract from my class. So I talk to the kid. I said, “Hey, are your guys interested in learning martial Arts? Every Thursday we have Randori”. He asked what is randori?
I replied ,“Frees style, where I kick the shit out of you. Wanna give it a try?” So the wise ass who was teasing Jeff says no but points at this other kid and says he does. The other kid asks what do I have to do? I told him all he has to do is take off his shoes and come on in. He takes his shoes off. I’m thinking are you fucking nuts a 215 lb shaved gorilla who happens to run his own martial art school invited you to get the shit kicked out of your self and you are excepting the invitation. He steeped on the mats. I shove him back out side. I told him he has to bow before he can step on my mats ( I know very Rex Kwon Do right). He bows with his fist to his palm like a kung fu movie. He comes in and we bow to each other. I ask are you ready, and he says yes. So with an open hand I smack him on his fore head 2 times real quick (That is Japanese sign language for I just broke your nose but I’m being nice). His eyes get kinda big and he backs up. So I mae geri (Sparta kick) him and clinch around his waste into Koshi Nage (hip throw) of course followed by a hold down (kesa gatame). I very politely told him if any things feel uncomfortable to please tap. He said he understood. I replied because that is about happen now. I sank all my weight into his low floating rips and cranked his neck.
Tap! Tap!Tap!
I let him up. We bowed to each other. The wise ass kid from before said, “Wow!, was that Jui Jitsu?” I told him yes, it is a form of Ju Jutsu. I told them all If they really wanted to learn martial arts we train Mon- Thurs 8-930 If they wants to run their mouths they should find some where else to do it. The wise ass and the kid I tapped asked about the times and dates again and then they left.

In conclusion:
1) I hope that kid comes back
2) I hope they don’t egg the Dojo
3) I hope I don’t get sued
4) Wouldn’t this be a great opening to a 80’s martial arts movie?

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  1. It was hi-la-rious!!!!
    I do remember thinking "Boy I hope he signed a waiver".
    I have to say that it was the most controlled ass whooping I have ever seen.. hehehheh... You could have really hurt him but you chose a good lesson in manners instead.